Activities to do with your kids on Father’s Day

So your little ones have very thoughtfully pitched in and gotten you a surprise fathers day cake. You are naturally blown away at their thoughtfulness and want to do something in return for them as well. But, the question is, what can you do to show them how deeply their gesture of love has touched you? As a father, there are many things that you can do to bring a smile to your child’s face. Spend time with them doing the following activities and win their hearts; prove to them what makes you such a terrific father who does not only deserve a cake on Father’s Day but the one who deserves desserts all around the year!

Play the game ‘What am I?’

This can be adapted for older or younger children so everybody can play. You will need some animal playing cards (or make your own) and some sellotape. You need at least two people. Each person chooses a card. Then choose an opponent and stick the card on their forehead (mind their hair) so everybody can see the card. Accept your opponent. Your opponent has to work out what animal they are by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions such as, “Do I live in the jungle?”. This game can be used with any other sort of card pack, and you could do letters or numbers or colours. There are certain kinds of activities that can be educational as well as fun – this happens to be one of them!

Go Crabbing

This seems to be an utter waste of time from an adult point of view, but kids love it. You will need; a bucket, some string (length depends on the depth of the water), a weight and some bait, which could be uncooked bacon rind or raw meat. Fill your bucket with seawater. Simply attach the weight and the bait to the string and feed it into the water so it goes to the bottom. Then wait, and wait. Kids love this activity as there is the anticipation of the catch, the danger of handling this vicious beast and then the study of the beast after capture. Be sure to keep the water in the bucket cool and return the crabs to their natural environment afterwards.

Day Out at the Beach

There is no more straightforward pleasure than going to the beach with your brood. Pack a picnic, bucket, spade and sun cream, and you go. Generally, you will find lots of other children down the beach, and your better half might even get a chance to relax.

Visit a Working Farm

Many working farms are now open to the public for a small fee. This can be so much fun. Pack for a picnic and head out with your dear family. This way you can all enjoy the great outdoors. Children can learn all about farming, feed the lambs, go on tractor rides and milk the cows.

Grow a Grass Head Monster

This is a slightly more sinister version than a standard grass head. You will need; a foot from some tights, some sawdust, grass seed, an elastic band, a yoghurt pot and lots of stick-on eyes and teeth.

Go on an Adventure

Pick a town from the available list of destinations, find out what’s on offer in that town and take a day trip. The trip is far cheaper than if you had to pay for petrol. The coach trip will become part of the day out as it is far more fun than going in the car. It’s also less hassle for mum and dad as no driving is involved.

Just be available and up for fun-filled activities with your little ones and you will get to experience all the joys that come with the bliss and turmoil of fatherhood. On Father’s Day, appreciate your darling babies a little more; and they will do the same for you!

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