AviaGames: The Mobile Gaming Company Making 40 Million Fund Waves

Mobile gaming is quickly being recognized as the future of much of the gaming industry. It’s estimated that by the end of 2021, mobile gaming revenue will reach over $120 billion. Large corporations, venture capital firms, and investors have begun to capitalize on this growing trend. Companies like Activision have begun porting popular games to mobile platforms. Mobile game developers like Skillz have recently IPO’d with valuations in the billions, and investors are looking for ways to take advantage of the increasing returns.

Mobile gaming certainly seems like the place to be, which is why companies like AviaGames are positioned so well. The female-led company recently finished up a cash-raising round that added an additional $40 million to its funds. The cash was provided by three venture capital firms, Washington Harbour Partners, Powerhouse Capital, and ACME Capital. With previous investors like Makers Fund and Galaxy Interactive, these new investors serve to further solidify the positive outlook of this burgeoning company.

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So who is AviaGames?

AviaGames and the Pocket7Games app

In  2017, two mobile gaming veterans, Vickie Chen and Ping Wang took a big leap and founded AviaGames. The company was founded with a specific vision in mind: to create a world-class real people competition platform where players across the globe can experience fun and engaging games.

AviaGames released several successful apps including Bingo Clash and 21 Gold. These apps quickly made it to the top, ranking in the top 10 in a variety of categories. But the female founders had a bigger vision than just the apps, they wanted to create an entire gaming platform.

The Pocket7Games platform was released onto the iOS AppStore in 2019 and introduced an all-inclusive app for competitive skill-based games. The app quickly rose to the top of the rankings and has been consistently in the top 5 for several different categories.

The mobile app offers over ten different games, thousands of tournaments and other events, and plenty of cash prizes.  In fact, AviaGames has given away over $400 million in prizes since its inception. 

The AviaGames Strategy

The pandemic has brought a massive increase in player acquisition and revenue to the mobile gaming platform, as gross income has grown 21x since January 2020. But the pandemic isn’t the only reason for Pocket7Games’ massive popularity. Ping Wang, one of the company founders said, “We are very good at mobile game operations as we understand user behavior and how to engage users and retain users on the platform.”

Additionally, AviaGames has targeted underrepresented audiences which has paid off big time. Over 70% of the Pocket7Games player base is female, and surprisingly very few have prior gaming experience. While most companies go after the typical male gamer, AviaGames has found a niche with non-gamers. 

When asked about their audience choice, Vickie Chen said, “We know the gaming universe is much broader than that. We aim to provide  entertainment value for everyone to enjoy a couple minutes a day to compete with other real players with a more accessible, easy in, easy out approach.”

This focus on providing a fun and engaging experience rather than a more thorough gaming environment makes Pocket7Games quite unique. Players can hop onto the platform, play a few games, then go on with their day. What’s more interesting is that the average player spends 40 minutes on the app every day.

While 40 minutes might not seem like a lot in the gaming industry, it has certainly given AviaGames the opportunity to begin building its mobile empire. With the high amount of success the company has seen thus far, it’s quite obvious the cofounders know what they are doing. As the company continues to grow and expand, it will undoubtedly become a mobile gaming powerhouse.

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