Best Indian Fantasy Betting Sites to Maximise Winnings and Optimise Odds

Fantasy sports are prediction games where fans create sports teams online and enter contests. Fans place fantasy cricket bets online the same way real-life sports betting players do. Once they have a virtual sports team, they can compete against other teams to win. When placing a fantasy bet, you also need to keep an eye on actual games. 

With the popularity boom of fantasy sports in recent times, several apps and websites have made this mode of gambling much more accessible. People betting on various sports can win significant amounts, making this a popular avenue to blow off steam in a competitive environment. Additionally, there is no requirement to make a team to bet in fantasy leagues – you need to choose the team you want to back.

As long as you continue following news about cricket, you should guarantee better results from your betting endeavours. Staying informed and understanding various players’ strengths and weaknesses ensures you put together or bet on a team with a higher probability of winning. Here are some of our top websites that help you follow the news and maximise your winnings!

  • FantasyBet

FantasyBet is one of the top betting websites for a reason. They offer a wide range of sports, from cricket to football to tennis. In each competition, FantasyBet offers different types of games:

  • Flash mode where you choose and backing a team within 3 minutes.
  • Games where you cannot pick your captain. 
  • Games without a standard budget. 
  • Multi-entry games where you wait over a series for results. 

FantasyBet also allows you to enter fantasy cricket bets online for zero charges. You can start with the free games without a payout to get the hang of betting before placing money in the ring.

  • Dream11

Created in 2008, Dream11 hosts cricket, baseball, basketball, football, and the NFL bets. The platform also includes predictions for each category, allowing you to place educated bets, increasing your chances of winning. Furthermore, you can check Dream11 and your team’s scores in real-time to understand player performance.

Once you make an account on Dream11, you deposit money and create your Dream11 team. Once your team wins, you can withdraw the money if you win Rs. 200 or higher. You can make up to 3 withdrawals per day, with a maximum withdrawal of Rs. 2 lakhs through IMPS or NEFT.

  • MPL – Mobile Premier League

Alongside fantasy sports, the MPL app also offers chess, quizzes, rummy, 8-ball pool etc. They have over 60 games you can play to win money, alongside fantasy stocks. All you need to do is register and set up your wallet.

You can then choose the match and create your team with a budget of 100 credits. For increased winnings, you can join the numerous free cash contests available on the website. Follow the scoreboard to see how your team is performing. If you win, the money is transferred to your account. You can also change your team at any point before the match begins.

  • My11Circle

This 24/7 fantasy gaming website is perfect for followers of fantasy cricket and football. If you have been following any news about cricket, you may know that Sourav Ganguly endorses the My11Circle website, helping it further gain popularity.

The 24/7 feature means you can play at any time and do not need to wait for matches. You can connect your Facebook or Google account to My11Circle, register, and make your deposits and withdrawals easily through any popular payment method. If you have a verified account, you can even withdraw your winnings instantly!

  • Gamezy

Although primarily a cricket betting site, Gamezy is highly popular with 10 lakh active users. You immediately win Rs. 50 when you register, and you can begin placing your bets on every match. They also have other games like rummy and poker, alongside several sponsored offers that increase your winnings.

The ideal betting website optimises your betting experience by giving you the tools to maximise your winnings. Staying up-to-date on the news and having betting tips under your belt ensure better odds and outcomes in the world of fantasy sports. These five websites bring you easy accessibility to get started with highly rewarding fantasy betting online!