With the increasing trend of being an entrepreneur, the number of businesses is also increasing. From local businesses to global mega-firms, the increase is actually very promising and beneficial for the global economy. However, being aware of your legal obligations before starting a business is crucial. This is because if a visitor to the business place has an accident and sustains an injury due to the business’s lack of care, compensation may be awarded to them. Continuous negligence can even result in harsher penalties. Among the many duties of businesses, the priority should always be the visitor’s safety and health. Even if it is a brokerage firm, as long you host someone in your business place, you are responsible for their wellbeing. If this duty is breached, the business can face a compensation claim as it is the victim’s legal right.


Restaurants, retail clothing stores, shopping centres,  entertainment venues and concert halls are where the visitor circulation is the most. However, every business place owes the same duty to its visitors regardless of if the size of the business. The duty is simple. Keep visitors safe. This can simply be done by acting like a responsible and reasonable person. If the business places are overload with an extraordinary number of items, remove them. So that the visitors will not be hit by a falling object. If the ground seems slippery, fix it, or replace it with a safer one. Every year, slip and fall accidents occur and leave permanent harm on the victims a lot more than one can imagine. If you own a restaurant, make sure your employees meet the safety standards. Contaminated consumption goods can be harmful. These are just a few examples of mostly encountered hazards in business places and it is fair to say that these are risks that are too obvious. On similar occasions, these accidents expectedly occur and wouldn’t be beyond our expectations.


To recover the loss after an accident, the victim can review his/her legal options. As these accidents can result in major permanent injuries, income loss and dependency to perform daily tasks can appear. To avoid these difficulties, it would be a wise choice to lodge a compensation claim. Under the Civil Liability Act, the victim’s income loss, hospital expenditures and mental sufferings are compensable. Additionally, if the victim’s medical condition is critical, permanently impaired and lost his/her ability to work and earn, insurance may award a lump sum to the victim.


Workers of almost every sector are being protected under the workers compensation scheme. This means, the workers’ wellbeing should be guaranteed by the business. Workplace injuries occur commonly. Most of the times, these are simple cuts, illnesses or soft tissue injuries. However, sometimes things can be a lot more serious. Especially if the workplace is full of risks. Other than the workers that are working under heavy conditions due to the nature of the job, baristas, salespeople and others working in better conditions can also sustain major injuries. As an example, a barista is actually facing the risk of working with numerous overheated objects. If these equipment aren’t maintained well and correctly, the worker can suffer burn injuries that can leave marks on the body and even decrease the workers working capacity. To prevent these incidents, an employer’s legal duty is to design the workplace at acceptable standards, regularly maintain a safe working environment and eliminate risk factors.

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