Don’t Miss Out_ 15 Best Chrome Themes in 2020

Every computer has its own identity and a purpose. This purpose is defined by its user.. Whenever someone opens the browser to start his or her day, the theme of the browser is the first thing that catches the eye. So it becomes essential to get your own Google Chrome theme which reciprocates with your personality and motivates you to put your head up and move towards the goals. After diving deep into the ocean of chrome themes, I have come up with 14 best chrome themes of the year 2020. You can visit Lenovo Service Center in Dadar to fix any type of problem in your system.


  • Iron Man-Material Design: For all the Iron Man fans, Google Chrome has released a theme which can leave the eyes wide open. The theme provides a majestic illumination of Iron Man on the homepage to make your day better. With a touch of bluish gradient across all tabs, it makes the browser look Marvel-ous.
  • Lamborghini Cherry: The appealing cherry red color of Lambhorgini has become a love of many for many years. It is not only amongst the best chrome themes but also provides an entirely different zone to work in. You can make changes in the settings to zoom in/out the car.
  • Sahara: Sahara,one of the best chrome themes, was developed by Peter Noordijk. The theme provides a huge landscape of the largest desert at night with milky way. The caravans with camels in the background gives your browser an elegant and glorious look. If you like deserts, you will definitely fall in love with this theme.


    1. Midnight Train Dark Blue Theme: Hello backpackers!! This railway track is for you. If your love for the sound of train whistles and the smell of those iron bridges is real, this theme will be set for months on your browser. All of these reasons make this theme the best chrome theme to put up.


  • Totoro Rainy Day: Totoro Rainy Day is designed on a classic scene from a Japanese anime movie titled “My Neighbor Totoro”. It darkens the UI and makes a very interesting gesture by neatly inculcating various elements of the movie. For all the anime fanboys and fangirls, Totoro Rainy Day is a must look.
  • Beauty: Far from the hustle and bustle of urban areas, there lies a paradise. It is one of the best Google Chrome themes for all the nature lovers. The beautiful landscape with a bright pink sunset  and grass plains is so elegant to watch that it makes you want to open your Google Chrome browser again and again.
  • Greek Beach: Greek beaches are the synonyms of splendid and magnificent. Travel lovers can never let this best chrome theme remain alone. The theme is a constant reminder of going to those beaches and enjoying the sunbath.



  • Raindrops: Raindrops theme provides a sense of that earthy smell when rain falls on the dry soil. It makes your mood calm and surrounds you with a positive vibe when the raindrops are settled on your screen. It seems like you are driving a car and the window pane is covered with beautiful tiny rain droplets.
  • Sunset Theme: The two features which make it the best Google Chrome theme are “Serenity” and “Solemness”. Sunset is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing to look at. It soothes the soul and calms the mind by making a way forward for a lovely night. So go ahead and make your every moment a special one with this gorgeous browser theme.
  • Nordic Forest: The theme provides a vast expanse of the forest covered with tall pine trees. The sight of nature always works as the stress buster. During long hours of work on the computer, the sight of sun rays falling on the pine trees will help your eyes forget the strain and will motivate you to complete the work. If your love for nature is never-ending, Nordic Forest it the theme to get for your browser.
  • Blue Space Sunset: Space theme provides an away from all worldly pleasures, feeling right at your desktop. You can enjoy the effects of the moon and feel the bluish moonlight on the oceanic crust rocks and. Enjoy the view of a peaceful night by setting up this theme on your Google Chrome browser.
  • Deadpool Full Screen Theme: This is the coolest Google Chrome theme which provides a superhuman touch to your computer. The attractive red color with the mighty superhero, The Deadpool, who is standing up in his signature style makes this theme an eye-candy. Go to the chrome store and get your superhero theme right away.
  • The Lion King HD Theme: As a kid we always look up to our fathers. The theme captures a scene from the movie “ The Lion King” where Simba is learning a lesson on life from his father.. With the background of a sun half-hidden in the clouds, the theme becomes one of the best Google Chrome themes.
  • Norwegian Fjord – Theme: The world famous Fjords of Norway is a sight to watch. The breath-taking view of an elongated lakedrain and the two mountains standing on both sides sets up beautifully on the Google Chrome browser. Enjoy this art where you click on the new tab.If you are looking for download the latest movie for free then you can visit movierulz. On the other hand, you can also download free movie from worldfree4u.


These themes are a special kind of extension which can be added to the browser. Try the above themes to see what suits your personality and start your day in your own style. So why wait, go and get your best chrome theme.