Getting started with basketball (NBA)

I would like to start this article by defining the work of coaches who teach young players. The main goal of their work is to train young players. Which sometimes conflicts with the need to win matches. For example, tall, young players are not as developed as the young full-backs (generally smaller players are ready at a much earlier age), so if you use tall players a lot and trust them by putting them on the field during the game, you are more likely to lose. But being patient and giving them enough playing time is what they need to progress.

However, the primary focus of those coaching young players should always be individual player progression, rather than trying to win games. Young coaches and their supervisors should keep this in mind. Everyone wants to get results in everything they do. And the results for the youth coach must be to have players who progress rather than a number of wins. If you want to know more about it check NBA 중계.

We will now talk about the importance of having a teaching method, especially for this kind of coaches. It is the cornerstone of the work of the coach. Let me focus a bit on this topic today.

“Having a teaching method means that the coach knows exactly what knowledge he is able to impart to his players.”

Having a teaching method means that the coach knows exactly what knowledge he is able to impart to his players. There is only one way to make sure you can impart knowledge to someone. It is to have an educational progression. Educational progression is a knowledge transfer system. You start at a certain point and gradually add obstacles to help players reach a certain level in a certain aspect of the game

It’s like teaching a child to climb the stairs. The first step should not be too low or too high. Sometimes the stairs have to go higher to suit the skills and experience of the child. If the walk is too easy, he will pass easily and learn nothing. 

First of all, you need to evaluate your players and decide what you want to improve. The program could not exist separately. It is always adapted to the level and according to the needs of the team and also always depends on the method you use.

Personally, I always expect the players on my team to have a good foundation. From there, if you want to prepare a team, you usually start with the defense, because the defense decides how you get possession of the ball in the game. Once you are sure your team knows how to get the ball back. , you can teach the counterattack. After the counterattack, you can teach the attack. It’s my way of seeing basketball. I always start with defense because it sends the right message to the players. If I had started with the offense, they would have underestimated the key element of the game which is the recovery of the ball.