Here’s How Leeds Beckett University Will Help You Find a Stable and Successful Career

The United Kingdom has been a popular choice amongst students who wish to study abroad. This is because people can sustain so much growth in the UK. There are opportunities to grow as a person by getting to know yourself better, exploring and learning about the UK’s cultural heritage, and growing your knowledge base by enrolling in some of the world’s best universities. One of the various world-class universities in the UK is Leeds Beckett University. Home to over 60,000 students, Leeds Beckett University has students from over 144 countries who join the community each year. 

With a history dating back to 1824, Leeds Beckett University ranked five out of five stars for Employability, Teaching, and Inclusiveness by the QS World University Rankings 2021. The university is investing around 200 million GBP in the university facilities. Expert academics are professors of the students so that they can build a close link with the industry and graduate with the skills, knowledge, professional accreditation, and experience relevant to their future careers. It has over 1,200 international students. The student to faculty ratio is 19:1 and the university spreads over 2 campuses in Leeds. The university offers a wide range of majors from Law, Sports, Arts, and Social Sciences. According to Times Higher Education, Leeds Beckett University secures the rank between 801-1000th. QS World University Rankings put the university in the 1001-1200th position.

The QS World University Rankings has given Leeds Beckett University five stars for employability, teaching and inclusiveness. Students graduate with the skills, knowledge, professional accreditation, and experience integral to building a secure career. 94% of the graduates from Leeds Beckett University are in work or further study 6 months after graduation.

The learning environment at Leeds Beckett University is very dynamic. The university’s two campuses have modern and industry-standard facilities along with all the latest technology. This helps students in embracing their personal and professional interests. Over GBP 1 million are invested in clinical skills suited for nursing, physiotherapy, nutrition, and occupational therapy students.

Networking facilities at Leeds Beckett University are plenty. This will help you build bonds that will be able to stand by your side in times of dire need. The student life at Leeds Beckett will help you fully embrace the university experience and become a confident and leader-worthy individual.

Leeds Beckett University is the first English University to achieve the international environmental standard ISO 14001. You will be a part of a university that cares about the environment. The campus has nearly zero waste and just 1% of the waste produced goes to a landfill. 8% of the entire campus’s electricity is generated from the installed solar panels. Since 2005, Leeds Beckett has reduced their carbon footprint by 58%. This goes on to show that the university is an ethical institution that aims at making a global impact in more ways than one.

The University truly prepares you for the future you are building in your industry. The faculty includes people such as Ken Scott, who can talk about his work with Bowie and The Beatles, to Matty Bovan – described as one of ‘London’s pre-eminent young designers’.

Other than pushing you to excel in your areas of interest, Leeds Beckett encourages you to develop new interests by providing access to a number of clubs and societies. The career support at Leeds Beckett is pervasive. Career planning and decision-making are given much stress. Developing employability skills and helping students recognise their strengths is the basis of career support. This career centre is like a safety mattress because help is available long after graduating. An alumni network spread around the world provides Leed Beckett University access to some of the best career opportunities from around the world. The entire process of writing a CV or application, making a strong impression at a job interview, developing an impactful online presence and helping for many more steps of the career-building process are available at Leeds Beckett.

Leeds is a well-connected student city. It is multicultural and is home to one of the largest student populations in Europe, with over 65,000 students living here. In a city so rich with heritage and culture, there are ample opportunities for networking and building friends from all over the world. This gives your personality an edge over all the other people you compete for jobs with. Talking to people is an art, and the city of Leeds will teach you a lesson in this art.

These were all the reasons students must study at Leeds Beckett University. It is a great university surrounded by some of the best career opportunities in the world. This university will polish you as a student and help you grow comfortable in your character. It is one of the ideal options for someone who wishes to build a stable and successful career in the world.

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