How Can You Rank In Google Search Results?

Ranking in the first page of google search page results is every blogger’s dream. Often it is seen that new bloggers with innovative topics get disappointed after curating quality content and getting fewer viewers. This is because their website is not optimized correctly.

Website optimization is a very important part of online marketing that can do wonders. The one motto that is being followed by everyone who’s a blogger is- getting their website optimized enough to rank on the first page of google search results. With expert consultancy from SEO.London and applying various optimization techniques, one can surely achieve this dream.

Five ways to optimize your website so that it starts ranking better are as follows:

Create quality content

Content is the primary product of any website. One wishing to get their website among the top ranking must ensure quality content in the website. This is important because any reader who visits your website is looking for content and a source of information. That reader will not come back or refer the website to their contacts if the content served is bad.

Thus, make sure to create highly researched and factual content that is among the top search volumes.

Undergo a proper keyword research

Keyword research is an essential part of optimizing your website and content. Keywords are the only factor that is crawled by search engine crawlers leading to placing or category of the content.

Google or any search engine runs an inside search or “crawls” the websites for a focused keyword and places it according to the quality of content and other technical factors. The keywords must be researched using SEO tools and content must be curated surrounding the keywords.

Add images, videos, and other multimedia

People always look for a break while reading long content based on a particular topic. These breaks are subtly incorporated as an image or video. While scrolling and reading, one finds an image or video to be a moment of relaxation.

Videos and images must be of specific sizes that do not take long to load when a user logs into the website. The images must also contain alt text as a reference for the search engine crawlers to understand more about the content.

Add external and internal links

Content is supposed to be written by extensive research, and research invites inspiration. Thus, any content written must have few external links for the readers’ help so that they can directly access the reference about the topic they are reading.

Internal links are the links to one’s own website and external links are the links to various other websites of legitimate information. Quality content must contain both of them distributed properly throughout the content.

Find backlink opportunities

Backlinks are very essential for getting a good rank in the search results. More backlinks from legitimate high domain authority sites help one increase their own domain authority that is an indication to Google that the website is authentic and serves quality content.

Thus, find the best backlinking opportunities by guest posts, networking, etc., and optimize your blog to be one among the top.