How do I become a truck dispatcher?


Many people see logistics as the future of their profession. And for a good reason, because this is one of the most actively developing and profitable industries in the world. So that you don’t see it on the shelves of stores, we brought truckers here. And this is a vast industry that can offer a wide range of professions. For example, we can become a dispatcher of sad cars. 

This is a profitable job from the point of view of earning money, employment, and accessibility. You can become a dispatcher without having a higher education and earn up to $ 60,000. This is great news, but first you need to understand the responsibilities and requirements in order to make a final decision.

What is the job of a truck dispatcher? 

Truck dispatchers coordinate the delivery process between the customer and the contractor. A customer is a person or company that needs to deliver cargo from point A to point B. To do this, she turns to the transport company. The performer is a trucker who will deliver the sadness to the right place at the right time. Between these two links is the dispatcher. He communicates with the client, agreeing on working conditions. And at the same time creates a route for the trucker, transmits the most important information to him.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, this is the end of the duties of the dispatch company, they specify on this site. After all, these specialists also register all documents related to cargo delivery, send and accept invoices from customers, manage the fleet, make optimized delivery routes so that the trucker does not delay the cargo on the road. 

Among other things, the truck dispatcher is looking for potential customers and loads on the boards. This provides transport companies and owner-operators with a constant flow of work. Therefore, the dispatcher needs to be constantly ready to negotiate with interested people.

How much do truck dispatchers earn?

At the beginning of your career path, you can count on a salary of $40,000. But with the acquisition of knowledge and experience, you will start earning up to $60,000 on this job. 

In this profession, a lot depends on the rate at which the dispatcher works. You can get paid for working hours, where one hour = $13. And you can also receive a percentage from each completed order, and here the salary will already be higher. Dispatching services often charge up to 10% for the found cargo. Therefore, it will be in your best interest to find reasonable offers for your employer.

Is it easy to be a truck dispatcher?

As in any job, this specialty requires some skills, perseverance, and readiness for difficulties. Nothing gets just like that. For example, in the dispatcher’s work, be ready for constant calling and communication. You must have well-developed communication skills. Therefore, if you are not a fan of continuous communication, then working as a truck dispatcher will be difficult for you. There are also a lot of urgent tasks in this work, be prepared for the constant processing of requests from both customers and truckers. 

Dispatching is a job for active people who have time management skills. Do you feel the strength to try? Then good luck, you will succeed.

How do I find a job as a truck dispatcher?

It is straightforward to start a career path in dispatching, in fact. You only need motivation to work and a little time. As soon as you find your first job, you will be able to begin professional development, career advancement, and competence improvement. How do I become a truck dispatcher? 

1. Get documents about education

As we wrote above, a high school diploma or GED will be enough for you. But we will be a big plus if you take additional courses or an internship. Still, in the work of a dispatcher, you need to know a lot, for example, about the work of exceptional software support and about the features of cargo transportation. In these courses, you will acquire particular skills and understand whether you really like this profession. 

2. Think about getting an associate degree in Logistics

This is not necessary, but we recommend that you remember this point for the future. After all, companies are considering resumes from specialists with bachelor’s degrees with great interest.  

3. Complete an internship

It will be a great experience. which will help to understand the industry more deeply. After all, it is not every day that we encounter cargo transportation. And in this field, there are many laws, rules, and regulations. It’s better to find out before work and come for an internship.

4. Remember to develop skills

The dispatcher needs to be collected, stress-resistant, open and friendly. Remember, you will have to establish contact with both customers and truckers. This is very important, and thanks to this, your work will be much easier and more enjoyable.

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