How has technology impacted the gambling industry in UK – A Bird’s eyeview.

With the advent of mobile and online gaming, you can get access to online casino and play your favorite game not only from the casino sites but betting sites as well. There are apps that you can use from across any part of the globe and from any device that requires internet connectivity.

During this pandemic, there are many high street betting shops that have still not opened their doors to physical visitors. However, their effort to offer the best possible opportunity by making use of the latest technology is a continuous process.

UK Government Gambling Commission

According to the UK Government Gambling Commission, in 2019, remote or online gambling market was the largest combined sector by GGY. It constitutes 38% of the entire market with a GGY of £5.5 billion. This implies that the number of players taking up betting on their mobiles comprise a significant figure that prefer mobile betting as their preferred form of gambling.

How will technology help in remote betting safety?

We know that just like a coin, everything has an advantageous side as well as a disadvantage. So, the fact that it has become easier to access betting sites on your hand-held devices also makes you increasingly vulnerable to online fraudulent activities.

One of the ways by which players can derive benefits from technology is as follows. You will find that many online casinos and apps are setting spending limits for players. This will ensure that you do not go overboard while you are at the slot machines and have a tendency to get carried away by emotions and spend a fortune at the end of the day.

While this is the arrangement in few casinos with the help of technology, there are others that offer a reminder that allows you to realize that it is time to apply brakes.

As such, with technology to support you, you can stay within your spending limits and set realistic goals.

Also, this will ensure that in an attempt to win to casino rewards, you do not get tempted and give away whatever you have at your disposal.

Under such circumstances, technology is helping you to realize where you must draw a line and will not allow you to fall prey to greed with the hope of winning more and more casino rewards.

As of November 2020, Britain had over 30 million gamblers online and the main reason is technology. Gone are the days when you had to brush off a drunkard and had to struggle to secure a seat at the slot machines. But technology has made it possible to try your luck at the slot machines and for free spins from the peaceful ambiance of your home.

Another biggest advantage of playing from the comfort of your home is that unlike the physical slot machines where your chances of winning is least as most of these machines cannot be trusted and you might be hoodwinked in the process. But due to programs like HTML5, predictive analysis (for improving user-experience), secured encryption (for enhanced security), and blockchain technology (for making secured payments), remote casinos are no longer the same. With the latest technology, gambling and betting remotely has gained prominence and is here to stay.