How to Create and Print India OCI Visa Photos Online Using ThePhotoApp


ThePhotoApp does not shoot a photo of you, but crops and edits a photo uploaded by you so that it meets the legal requirements of India OCI Visa Photos. This photo should be straightforward with a fairly even background.

As we all know that the legal requirements are complicated. Sometimes it get hard for us to deal with them. The photos from online app are sufficient for all Indian identity documents, including the public transport chip card, and are even good enough for applying for visa. Of course, that depends on the original photo that you have to supply yourself.

On the website or app you will find a clear manual that shows you how to shoot that photo. After editing you will receive India Passport Photos in the standard format.

Guidelines for taking Passport photos

Would you like to have a passport photo taken by a photographer for your Passport? Your passport photo must meet certain requirements. See the photographers’ guidelines that are familiar with the requirements for passport photos for an original high quality photo.

Position And Pose

For the photo, you must be looking straight into the camera and the photo must be taken straight from the front. Your facial expression should be neutral, with your ears visible, eyes open and mouth closed. Also, your photo must be a recent one.

Background And Lighting

The photo must have a completely white background and you must not wear white clothes. Also, the photo must be a color photo, with no shadows or backlighting to get approved.

Glasses and Jewelry is not allowed

You are not allowed to wear glasses and jewelry in the photo however, headgear is only allowed for religious reasons with the whole face visible.

File Requirements

The original file must be sent with a size between 1MB and 15MB. The format of the file must be in ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’, ‘gif’; or ‘png’.

Neutral posing in Photos

You should keep in mind of not pose according to your liking and disliking. Rather, you should look straight into the camera as the side view photos are not accepted for this purpose. Just have a simple and neutral facial expression by looking straight into the camera, and have both eyes open. In case you upload any photos with a deviant facial expression and/or a squinting look then it will be rejected.

Do not wear glasses

For a passport photo you must take your glasses off as they are not allowed in the photo.

Photos of children and babies

A question that arise in mind is that a photo of child could be accepted with his/her eyes closed?
So, in case of babies photo with eyes closed or partially closed are accepted. However, all other children must have their eyes open and looking straight into the camera.

Safe to use app

This app is really easy and safe to use for the public. None of your photos will not be saved for future. Also, according to the requirement of the Government regulations no photo submitted should be older than 6 months.

How to Create and Make Passport Photos Online Using Smartphone

We understand how panic we get when we have to take a photo for professional use. Most of photographer either charge too high price or sometimes we don’t have any photographer nearby. In such situations we wish secretly to get such professional looking photos at home using our smartphone. But now you don’t need to wish only.

Get your phone and download Thephotoapp which would help you with make your photo taken from phone applicable for passport. They have an easy interface where you can upload your photo along with a photo of your signatures. They will edit and make your photo look like a professional one.

How to use ThePhotoApp?

This Passport photos online app will help you with all your photo requirements. Moreover, it is really easy to operate. Following are the steps that you can use to get your home taken photo look great.

Step no. 1: Download the app

So the first step is to download this app into your smartphone to get your photos converted into prodesffional ones. Also, do not forget to give a review of your experience with this convenient app.

Step no. 2: Take a photo

The next step is to take a photo from your phone camera. So, ask any of your sibling to take the camera or smartphone and click a photo. You should also keep in mind the guidelines so that your photo gets approved by the app. You can also use a photo already taken from your gallery.

Step no. 3: Upload the photo

The third step is to upload the file into the app. You can select the best of your click from the gallery and upload it there in the app. This makes it easy for you to convert it into a suitable one. You must keep in mind that this photo is not in compressed form as it would decrease the quality of your snap and would not get approved.

Step no. 4: Complete the order

Now, you get done with the photo process all you need to do is make a small amount of payment online at home using the same smartphone. Once, you place the order your photo will get processed by the app.

Step no. 5: Get the photo

The last step is to get a professional photo while being on your couch. This makes it easier for you to get them at home while maintaining social distancing in the time of COVID and lockdown.

Guidelines for taking photos

Use digital Camera for taking photos

While using such online apps the question which arise in mind is Can I use a digital camera to take the photo?
So, it is clearly stated that you can use a digital camera or even a phone camera or this purpose. It is recommend for you to upload the original file instead of a compressed file. The size of the file could be in between 1MB and 15MB in size and in one of the following file formats: ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’, ‘gif’; or ‘png’.

How to Order Passport Size Photo Prints Online

Whenever it comes to passport, photo is an essential element in this case. We all have to go through some hustle to get a photo that don’t even look as good as we expected. Paying for such photos with heavy heart is usual nowadays.

Now you can think of a situation where getting a professional photo is as easy as sitting on the couch. You can easily get them online by using your phone or laptop. Don’t believe, right?

I’ll tell you everything about how you can get your passport size photo print online that will meet all the requirements for professional use. So, keep on reading this article for getting additional information on this topic.

How to order online passport photos?

Here the question arise is that how we can get passport photos that meet the rules and regulations online while staying home?

There are a lot of online apps that help you with this problem. You can search for them online and reach the one that meet your country requirement. They have all the tools built in the app that will get you with a professional photo and signature that do not look edited at all. They seem to be taken by a photographer.

What is the process to get them?

Yes, we know you all are excited to know the process. It just require 3 steps!

You can use three simple steps to get this type of photos that are mentioned below:

  1. Download the app/ use the online website
  2. Upload the photo
  3. Get professional Passport size photo prints

This is how you can have access to passport size photos online at home. So, just three easy steps and boom! You will get your prints ready for the documents you want.

How to avoid inconvenience with online passport photos?

However, there are few things that you must keep in mind in order to avoid any kind of inconvenient situation. Some of them are shared below:

Ensure privacy policy

First of all, you must make sure that the platform that you are using for this purpose is safe to use and do not supply your images to other online platform. This way you can make sure if they are obeying the privacy policy of every individual.

Authentic resource

Second thing is to reach a platform that is authentic and do not offer spam images. For this purpose, you must reach a source that is well known within your region. It makes it easier for you to trust the work and build trust with them.

High Quality images

Lastly, quality cannot be compromised for the photos. You must check the sample provided on their website for the quality check. These images must match the requirement of your country’s passport and ID photo. If that is not the case then your photo might get rejected by the official platforms.

So, it is recommended to use such service platform that are from your own country as they know more about the region’s legal requirements. If they are from somewhere else then it may cause any disturbance is future.

Discover How to Make US Passport Photos Online Using Smartphone

Do you want to discover the magical way of getting your passport photos online while using your smart phone? Yes? Then you can get all the information in this article.

In this time of COVID everyone likes to stay home to stay safe. But there is also such work that need to be completed in a specified time. It could either be getting your new ID card or renew passport. You have to meet the provided legal recommendations within a specified period of time. In such situations, we often get late to complete the process while dealing with other things as well. So if you are running late for your passport photo then do not worry as we have the solution for this.

With the advancement of technology, now we have the access to those online apps that can help you to get online professional photos that meet the legal requirements of the government. You can simply download them or have the access online on their website. They help you solve this issue with minimum time taken. So save your time of getting to a studio just for the sake of clicking a photograph.

Such online platform do not limit your reach for a single passport only. You can also have the US Visa Photo too.

How to get US Passport photo?

For this purpose, you need to have three things. Your smartphone, a good internet connection and a photo of yourself. If you have these three things then you can easily have a print of your passport size photos online. Following are the précised steps to get your US Passport Photos online

Step no. 1: Download the app

Step no. 2: Take a photo

Step no. 3: Upload the photo

Step no. 4: Complete the order

Step no. 5: Get the photo

On you are done with getting your photo you can use it on any kind of legal document. They fulfill the requirements by laws.

Photo taking guidelines

Following are the guidelines that you must follow before uploading a picture on the app. If these requirements are not fullfilled at your end then your file would be rejected and you might not be able to avail this online service.

  1. You should have a straight position of face and avoid posing at any different angle.
  2. You must have a plain white background with moderate Lighting. This lighting should not be having any different colors.
  3. You are not allowed to wear glasses and Jewelry while taking your photo.
  4. Your file must meet the size requirements of the online app or website.
  5. You pose should be neutral in Photo.

Is it safe to use online platform?

While using such platform our major concern is that if it is safe for us to use. All this depends on the authentication of the platform you are using. Once you reach to the right platform there is nothing that could stop you from getting high quality photos.

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