How to maintain balance in your Healthy Food Routine?


Healthy food is seen by many people as if all tasty things are forbidden. This does not have to be the case. Emphasis is placed on the varied and good food. Many people only begin to worry about their diet because of dissatisfaction with body weight. Unhealthy eating is often underestimated and seen as normal, but it does have major negative effects on the body. Bones breaking down or becoming more flexible, damage to the gums, insufficient transport of oxygen in the cells are possible consequences of unhealthy eating behavior.

Following are the things you should take care of while maintaining healthy food eating habits:


A rough distinction is made between soluble (fermentable) and insoluble (non-fermentable) fibers:

Soluble Dietary Fiber:

Soluble dietary fiber is broken down in the colon by bacteria. Soluble dietary fiber serves as food for ‘good bacteria in the gut, but also as food for the intestinal cells themselves. The soluble fiber thus contributes to a good immune system. These bacteria and intestinal cells support the body’s resistance. In this way, they ensure that pathogens have less chance.

Insoluble Dietary Fiber:

Non-soluble dietary fiber is not broken down by bacteria. They remain intact and can absorb moisture. By absorbing moisture, the volume of the stool is increased and it is kept flexible. In this way, the dietary fibers contribute to good bowel movement. A person needs about 30-40 grams of dietary fiber per day.   However, this depends on each individual. The height, weight, and gender of someone are considered.

Light products and sweeteners

Before a product may have the term ‘light’ on its packaging, a number of conditions must be met, according to the nutritional designation decree of the Commodities Act. A product may have ‘light’ on the packaging if it contains at least 30% fewer calories, fat, alcohol, sugar, or salt than the regular version. This means that a light variant is not immediately a healthy variant. Certain products with the term light contain less fat, but more sugar. This makes the lower energy applied minimal. This also happens the other way around. You can also check Horeca Food Application and Food Supply Companies


It’s okay to have an unhealthy meal or extra snack once in a while. However, it is important to keep the diet well in balance. And also not to become healthy as with orthorexia which is actually a health disease. One can choose to do a balanced day once. A balanced day is a day where people eat less and healthier than the day before. For example, a balanced day can take place after eating a day more or more calories than people are used to. This day ensures that all extra calories that are consumed, are quickly burned again. One day of unhealthy eating is compensated by eating moderately for a day and paying attention to the diet. It is important here that it is combined with movement. Exercise is good for the body and mind.

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