Why You Should Use A Security Key on Mac

These days security and privacy is one of the most important things that users must always take seriously. If we take into account the amount of time and information about us that is made available online, we must take extra care to ensure this data remains safe from prying eyes.

As such, to improve security, many online services are now offering two-factor authentication. If you aren’t already familiar with it, it combines your username, password, and a code that is sent to your phone by SMS to ascertain your identity and give you access.

However, most people using this option may not realize that it isn’t always a secure strategy, as they may think it is. This means having to implement other methods to guarantee better data security and privacy. It is for this reason that we recommend using security keys as your next authentication device. They are very similar to flash disks, which makes them perfect for daily carry, as well!

However, keep in mind that since they operate like USB drives, and if you utilize multiple external devices like keyboards, then you may end up needing to purchase a usb c to usb hub. And if you are in the market for one, there is no better recommendation we could give than the CB-C35H-1M model from Lention.

This accessory is universally compatible with most computers and will help expand your connectivity ports. It features 4 USB 3.0 ports and is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 devices. As a result, you can connect up to 4 different external devices like keyboards, mousepads or storage drives, all at the same time. It also offers a maximum data transfer speed of 5Gbps and up to 60W integrated charging for any peripherals you may own. Plus, it comes with a 3.3ft extra cable extension, which is useful in clearing your workspace and giving yourself some extra room to work with.

Why Two Factor Authentication Is Not Secure

Although text verification is fast, it does come with some security risks and loopholes. For one, mobile texts are not usually encrypted, and as a result, an unauthorized hacker can easily intercept them. Moreover, if someone ends up stealing your phone or if you end up misplacing it, someone could end up seeing the texts on your lock screen and gain access to your online accounts. They could even end up cloning your sim-card and end up receiving your text messages too!

This is why Mac users are often encouraged to use a protective laptop sleeve, as they are recognizable in public and can help you keep better track of your Mac in public. And while they may not keep someone from stealing your device, they can at least ensure it will be difficult for someone to take it without anyone noticing. Plus, they help protect your Mac from any accidental damage, dust, or water spills. If you are considering purchasing one, we suggest Lention’s (PCB-B300 Series) Notebook Case. It features a convenient and compact design and is also made of water-resistant neoprene material. It also has an extra pouch that helps you carry any extra accessories or devices, eg. cables, mobile phones, disk drives, chargers, etc.

What Should I Use For Better Security?

One of the easiest methods to ensure proper security is to utilize authenticator apps. These apps are practical because, unlike text messages, they offer secure and unique passwords that only last 30 seconds, which generates a new code once the timer runs out, thus ensuring that no one can gain access to your account without your knowledge.

An alternative option is the use of security keys. They are small flash drives that you can connect to your Mac, and they usually contain a small amount of cryptic authenticator data. Once plugged in, the key will safely unlock your accounts. This means that it works similarly to a key with a padlock attached. In other words, unless someone has access to your security key, they cannot gain access to your online accounts.

And while it may sound tedious to have to keep plugging n your security key every time you need to log on to your online accounts, you only have to do it once, and your Mac will be trusted for a certain period before you need to plug it in again. Plus, if you end up losing the key, you can revoke its access on the website anytime. Most of these security keys come in different varieties with some being of the USB variety, while others offer Bluetooth and others offer NFC wireless recognition. This means you can connect these keys to Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

However, if you choose to get the USB version, then you may need to utilize a macbook pro standing dock, especially if you use an iPad. It will expand your device’s connectivity ports allowing you to not only plug in your security key, but also a host of other peripherals. In this case, we suggest the (CB-D42) model. It is a 7-in-1 hub that is reasonably powerful. For one, it comes with two USB 3.0 ports, two SD card slots, one 4K HDMI port, and one USB-C charging port, that provides a power pass of up to 100W. It also includes one 3.5mm Audio port for connecting headphones.

Which Websites Can I Use Security Keys?

There are a number of online websites and services that utilize these keys. For instance, if you own a Google or Microsoft account, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. More and more services have begun using these keys are authenticators. Except for Apple which uses it’s own secure version of two-factor authentication. You can also use a security key to keep your Mac secure, but this requires configuration by an expert system administrator. This method is mostly used by users, such as politicians, military personnel, journalists, etc… as they are usually at high risk of data compromise and require hardware keys for extra security.