How to Use Blogger Outreach for Your B2B Marketing Campaign


Despite common associations with the term, blogger outreach is not a practice of mastering the art of asking for a backlink. In its true sense, blogger outreach is a strategy for building business relationships with authoritative B2B content creators in your niche.

In this post, we’ll outline a few important steps to make the most of your blogger outreach efforts.

Find out what marketing content your audience prefers before doing outreach

Before reaching out to bloggers or writing outreach templates, ensure that you understand what type of information your audience prefers. Talk to your current clients or check out their social media accounts. For example, LinkedIn, especially in B2B marketing. This can help you better identify the topics you should focus on during your blogger outreach.

According to HypeFactory, a leading influencer marketing agency that works with thousands of content creators around the world, you shouldn’t always seek to collaborate only with bloggers who are close to your niche. You can also find a few shoulder niches that are relevant to you and your customers. Being featured in less relevant resources can boost brand awareness too if you choose these resources wisely.

Put both thought and effort into your outreach templates

This might sound obvious but it’s easy to forget that behind any resource where you want to get your brand featured, there’s a real person. It’s especially easy to forget when you work in B2B and concentrate on winning over businesses and accounts rather than individual customers.

By making sure you use an individual approach to every blogger during your outreach, you have a higher chance of hearing back from them. Ideally, you want to make your first email about them. After all, the best blogger outreach should focus on gaining partners for your brand rather than backlinks.

Work with a marketing agency for better blogger outreach results

Hearing back from a blogger is only one step. Nurturing a new relationship is a completely different game. Sometimes you can’t ask for a favor straight away, you need to build up momentum. It takes time and a lot of back-and-forth communication. That’s why many B2B companies partner with marketing agencies. For example, HypeFactory has connections with thousands of influencers around the world. By partnering with someone who has a large database of warm contacts, you avoid the challenges of creating connections from scratch.

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