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Basement is a place where we can implement the most ridiculous design ideas. Some of our examples had a large area and ample natural light, while others were less attractive. Here are some of the most amazing finished basements, where people can spend time with pleasure and justify all their expenses.

Colonial Upstairs, Scandinavian Downstairs

If you’re dreaming of Scandinavian style contact a basement finishing company and share your ideas. The renovation of this basement room gave the family a multipurpose space where they can spend time together, play, watch TV and work in their home office.

It also provided an opportunity to break away from the colonial decor that is used throughout the rest of the house. Now they can enjoy the Scandinavian Art Nouveau style.

Painting on the Wall in the Basement

Designers and builders sometimes leave the ceiling beams exposed and paint them white to brighten the space. They use wooden slats to cover some of the most unsightly elements: air ducts and support columns. This area now forms a media wall.

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Designer furniture in the basement is also important and people can take his services.

Dark Color Popularity

DIfferent companies can offer different ideas.  The architects and remodelers of IK Home Pros can offer their vision of this issue. For example architects can transform once cramped and dank basement into a favorite retreat for entertainment and warm friendships. The refurbishment of the premises gave the owners a living room, laundry room, bathroom with steam shower and a kitchen with a bar. 

Work Office in the Basement

If you hire a basement finishing company it can paint the exposed rafters black to suit the modern tastes of the owners who own a basement.

Living Room in the Basement

Industrial parts are often found in utilitarian basements. One such detail is concrete floors. The designers use a special metal wall to separate the living space from the utility room.

Basement Bar

Family Oriented

Designers can design and build this space, which includes a living room with TV, play area, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. The basement entrance is flooded with natural light.

Basement Kitchen

The kitchenette is a great place to prepare snacks for a movie night or social gathering. The round table is used for board games.

Basement Dining Room

If you need a place to rest, work and inspiration, which designers provide, transforming the basement into a men’s den feel free to contact a basement finishing company to achieve your goal.

They can install mahogany bookcases to store and display the owner’s favorites.

Antique Cabinets in the Basement

The designers use a concrete ledge in the basement to create a comfortable resting place here.

Sleeping Place in the Basement

Designers think out to the smallest detail and provide a dressing room with a urinal and several hairdressing mirrors.

Extraordinary Solution

While the design of the main house is in the form of a pirate ship, the basement can also look like a ship deck or something like it. You will enjoy the entire living space.

And it begins with an adventurous way to go underground, namely, from the descent through a spiral pipe, the entrance to which is located on the first floor of the house. It’s a very interesting living space, especially for children.

Mirror on the Ceiling in the Basement

It’s a great idea and designers can easily implement it. If you wish mirrors on the ceiling of your basement you can easily reach it.

Climbing Wall in the Basement

The basement can also include a game module – a golf simulator. The only problem with this basement is that homeowners may refuse to go outside to play …So the owners can love their basement and make it their favorite place at home.

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