Is LASIK Eye Surgery Painful? 


Is LASIK Eye Surgery Painful? 

LASIK is an amazing surgery for those who are fed up wearing glasses. It improves the vision of people suffering from farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism. There are millions of people that are benefited from LASIK procedure worldwide. Although understanding how LASIK eye surgery in Delhi works and all of its complications is great in determining whether you consider it as a great option or not. 

Well, LASIK is a procedure that is approved and managed by FDA that is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to correct some specific types of errors. Basically this procedure uses a laser to reshape the cornea, hence improving the vision by adjusting how light will hit the retina. This will further give you a clear picture as objects far away will not appear blurry and objects nearby will be easier to focus upon. The LASIK procedure was approved 20 years ago and hence there has been a lot of technological advancement since then. Now LASIK patients have a quick recovery time and also the procedure doesn’t take much time to finish due to advanced technology. However, LASIK is a surgical procedure which means there are chances of side effects which may include pain or side effects. 

So, many of you may be a little concerned about the pain. For this you must know what exactly happens in each step during the LASIK procedure. Although your surgeon will definitely help you to alleviate any kind of pain you suffer before or after the surgery is done. Most commonly before your LASIK eye surgery, your surgeon will recommend you to stop wearing any kind of makeup or scented product like lotions or perfumes. This will reduce the risk of inflammation, irritation or infection which will further help in reducing the chances of pain. 

You must also know that you will remain conscious during the whole procedure. If you are afraid of surgeries then your surgeon will give you some medication that will help you remain calm during the procedure. It’s quite common in patients to have anti-anxiety medications during the surgery. The LASIK procedure hardly takes 3 to 15 minutes per eye. You can also have this done only in one eye or you can have your both eyes surgically enhanced. Although you might experience a little discomfort just after the procedure, if both eyes have LASIK surgery done at the same time. 

Once your surgery is done, you will be given protective bandages and contact lenses over your eyes. Also you will be suggested to wear a mask while you sleep so that you don’t accidentally bump your eyes. It is really normal to feel dryness or a little pain for the first few hours after the LASIK surgery. The pain will never go beyond the limits. And for the discomfort that you might feel, you’ll be given glasses to wear that will be really helpful. You can easily manage the pain by the medications and eye drops your surgeon will suggest. So there’s no need to worry or panic about. 

How exactly pain feels after the LASIK surgery? 

You must be aware that some moderate pain may occur after the LASIK procedure. But if it continues past 24 hours, this might be a matter of concern. External healing on the cornea takes only a few days and will complete in a few weeks. For complete healing that includes reshaping the cornea right after the tissue adjustment and cell regrowth, this may take months but the pain doesn’t remain that much. Also you can notice the improvement in clarity of vision. In case you experience pain that doesn’t go away or get worse over time, you must immediately contact an experienced eye specialist in Delhi like visual aids centre

Complications in LASIK surgery in Delhi are extremely rare, but if you’re experiencing pain or any kind of discomfort that stays after a day of procedure you must immediately contact your doctor. Don’t ever try to ignore it or any complications will get worse over time. The most common side effect of LASIK surgery is dry eyes or trouble creating tears. This usually lasts 48 hours after the surgery. As technology has improved over years, there are procedures based on LASIK that can reduce pain and recovery time. Although many patients that undergo epi- LASIK reported the same kind of pain for four hours after the surgery. 

LASIK is a great surgery to correct vision related issues but not everyone is considered as a good candidate for this procedure. You must consult the best doctor for LASIK surgery in Delhi. 

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