Simple Hacks That Will Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rate

Your Mobile Conversion Rate is the number of people that are actively engaging with your mobile marketing strategies, out of the whole number of people who actually saw the mobile marketing campaigns. The higher this rate, the better your mobile marketing strategies are. Many companies focus on this aspect as and when they try to make their presence felt online. 

You can have a lot of strategies in place for this conversion rate to go up but there is a possibility that they might not make that much a difference. Therefore, it may be time for you to change gears a bit. This does not necessarily mean that you will have to change your entire strategy or start from scratch. It just means that you will have to apply something, a little extra to get the desired results you want. You can also hire an SEO Expert ( to implement the new strategies for increasing mobile conversation rate.

The most basic focus on marketing is that you need to make your product or company the main attraction. It should be the case that if someone is not engaging with your company, they are missing out on something. They should understand that by engaging with your company, they are adding onto something in their life. This can only happen when you give your consumers to always look out for something, or gain something from simply engaging with your company. 

  • Fear of Missing Out: Yes, this commonly used acronym might actually be of use to your marketing strategies. This is play on a simple human psychology that wants to be included in most social settings. It can be done in many possible ways. Sometimes, a sale might not be an incentive enough for them to click on your ads or to buy your products. However, if you are creative enough to show its uniqueness and/ or the fact that so many people are into it now, they would naturally be attracted to it. Even a sale has to be pitched in such a way that would allow people to see what they might be missing out on by not investing in your products. Many sales pitches are done in a way that will make people see the benefit of purchasing something.
  • Optimise for Mobile Phone Devices: Yes, this is as basic as it gets. However, the more inconvenient your website is for people to access, the lesser they are going to actively browse through it. You need to provide them with every possible option to browse through your website. Again, with social media marketing becoming more and more relevant each day, it is important for you to ensure that they can access your work from wherever they find it most convenient. You have to ensure that there is a smooth transition between the desktop, mobile and in- store experience because, today, all can coincide. To gain the maximum possible profit, it depends on your efforts that this transition takes place.  
  • Invest in Visual Mediums: You are more likely to get your point across when you have a video in place for the same. While ads go a long way, given what social media platforms are focusing on today, videos are the most eye- catching option available for you. Be it in a story, video ads, or even product placement, you need to actually become visible to your audience. You should also try to diversify the ads itself. As in, you should try to cater to a number of different groups, and personalise the ads for that group. 
  • Content is Your Focus: All these efforts come together under one category only, and that is content. If your content is not something people can understand or engage with effectively, they are not going to engage with your company or product either. Good content is sometimes all you need to get your potential audience interested in your work. It does not have to be anything too fancy. It can be very simple and catchy, yet very unique. It is usually these quirky and simple phrases that remain with the audience the most. 
  • An Easy Website: An easy website essentially means that there are minimum to no site errors. You have everything updated in terms of the content, sale promotions, the overall collection of products, and/ or updated all possible sections almost regularly. If you have a website for clothes, you should also have a blog section on your website that would give your customers an idea about the best and newest trends, that will of course be available on your website. Even the content on your website matters a lot because it has to make it easier for your potential audience to navigate there.
  • Personalisation Matters: This is easily one of the things you have to focus on at a much later stage but the graphics and overall look of your website is something you have to focus on nonetheless. It has to be attractive and very eye- catching for the customers. Everything has to be clearly visible to them and it should be difficult for them to access anything. 

          Choose graphics that are difficult to miss. Colour fonts and pictures are the way to go forward with this. 

These come from the most basic things you can do, along with your marketing strategies already in place which you can opt for with affordable SEO services in Delhi. These are just some suggestions that you can easily incorporate with your strategies. It becomes important to focus on smaller techniques sometimes because the same things will not always work for you. So, you have to focus on always adding and removing certain techniques from your list. The point is to keep on incorporating newer and more efficient techniques that would make the online experience a lot more enhanced and better for your potential audience.   

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