Key Skills Developed by Microsoft AZ-304 Certification Exam which are Significant for Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Aiming to be a vital employee in the organization entails intense preparation and rigorous training to get the right skills. For instance, you can’t just effortlessly earn the equivalent certification of an Azure Solutions Architect without hustling very hard. You have to pass the Microsoft AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams, MD-100 Windows 10 which are the evaluations needed for Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and Design, respectively. In this article, let us go into AZ-304 and see what skills you need to obtain and develop.

Learning the Microsoft Azure Architect Design

As a rule of thumb, you have to have a good background experience when it comes to IT operations first. Moreover, you should be skillful and knowledgeable about Azure administration, Matthew P Azure development, and DevOps processes. Having such abilities already can help you breeze your way through the Microsoft AZ-304 exam preparation. Below are the objective domains you have to know to sharpen your skills.

·  Master the system of monitoring

This objective domain is mainly about developing cost optimization and creating a solution for logging and monitoring. To be able to recommend a solution vital for cost management, you have to understand everything about Azure costs and usage, Azure cost management and billing, Aiden Q Azure Reserved VM Instances, and Azure Reservations. For the logging and monitoring solutions part, you should be able to navigate the Azure Monitor, Azure Sentinel, Azure Event Grid, and Azure Security Center.

·   Get a grip on Azure’s Identity and Security

Firstly, you have to comprehend how to design authentication, which basically means providing a solution for single-sign-on, for Conditional Access, for network access authentication, Henry R and many more. The next aspect you have to hone your skills on is designing authorization. You must learn the different authorization approach. This subtopic will also help you recommend a hierarchical structure and access management solution. The other subject under this objective domain includes governance and security for applications.

·   Assemble data storage for efficient utility

As a Solutions Architect, it’s vital that you know how to design a solution for databases and data integration. Joseph S You should learn how to choose a correct storage account then be able to recommend the appropriate storage access solutions as well as storage management tools needed.

·  Ensure business continuity for smooth operations

Business continuity entails keeping everything safe, saved, and archived. Hence, designing a solution for backup, recovery, and high availability is what this objective domain is all about. Make sure to provide a recovery solution for Azure hybrid and on-premises workload, for different regions, Jackson T for application and workload redundancy.

· Get the whole picture of the infrastructure

Master the Microsoft Azure Infrastructure so you can design one soon. Learn how to create a compute solution, network solution, application architecture, and migrations. Computing solutions entails finding the right technologies so that you can easily recommend ananswer for provisioning.

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Passing exam AZ-304 is vital if your goal is to build a career of an Azure Solutions Architect Expert, since it’s the second test and the final step in this process. Having validated your skills through AZ-304 exam will present you with the well-deserved Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert badge. Understanding all the needed competencies is essential to acquire the apt skills in dealing with Microsoft Azure and providing the right solutions to clients. So, do your best in your preparation for a successful tomorrow!

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