Latest Saree Blouse Designs For Parties and Events

Everyone wishes to look their best at a party. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a reception, everyone is dressed in their very best clothes. As Indian attire takes over the world of fashion, more and more women have started choosing sarees over dresses for their special occasions.

But there’s one big problem. Tasselled After finding the perfect saree for the occasion, most women are utterly confused about which saree blouse design to pick.

Unfortunately, the tailor always has old pattern books, and searching for saree blouse designs online brings up too many results.

At some point, one starts to wonder what exactly makes a party-wear saree blouse for women different from an everyday one. Is it a fancy cut? Or a stylish fabric? Or maybe it’s a combination game.

Confusing, right? Not anymore! Here’s a list of the top 10 saree blouse designs that you can consider for parties and functions:

Traditional Treasures

A traditional party-wear blouse typically features golden embroidery on a beautiful satin-silk fabric. A matching border along the neckline and sleeves adds the perfect touch of elegance to the look. One may choose to have a U-cut or V-cut back with a tasselled Dori for an extra-special look. Traditional saree blouses can be worn with sheer or embellished sarees for a modest look at ethnic parties.

High-Neck Hits

Low-cut blouses may have a huge appeal, but nothing beats the elegance of a high-neck blouse. Whether it’s a simple round cut or a Chinese collar, a high neckline with embroidery or embellishments adds timeless charm to any saree.

This designer saree blouse design eliminates the need for wearing jewellery around the neck. With a pair of classic earrings and an elegant hairdo, a high-neck blouse can make a simple saree look extra stylish and sophisticated.

Lovely Long Sleeves

Who said that modesty is boring? Long-sleeved saree blouses have grown to be a major in the world of glamour and fashion. They create a graceful appeal that is perfect for formal parties. One may opt for plain, printed, embroidered, or embellished fabrics with comfortable 3/4th-length or full sleeves.

This classic Indian saree blouse design paints a perfect picture of confidence, grace, and elegance.

Backless Beauties

Think bold, think beautiful, think backless. This high-fashion blouse design for saree allows you to show off your curves gracefully and tastefully. With tassel doris and body jewellery, one can create a stunning look worthy of the famous looking-over-your-shoulder photo pose. So, bare your beauty in a backless blouse and let the admiration follow you wherever you go.

Creative Crossovers

Indo-western saree blouses have become one of the most popular fashion trends in recent times. Younger women have started wearing crop tops and jackets featuring prints and embellishments that add a unique twist to a traditional saree. With an Indo-western fashion blouse design for saree, just about anyone can rock a traditional look while feeling comfortable and looking beautiful.

Sheer Splendor

The sheer style has been one of the most sought-after options when it comes to picking a blouse. In recent times, sheer fabrics have been used in various ways to spice up simple outfits. While some choose to have the entire blouse made of embroidered sheer material, others opt for netting only for the neckline, back, or sleeves. This designer saree blouse design strikes the perfect balance between exciting and elegant.

Luxurious Lace

In the past, lace was directly associated with western outfits and was rarely used in Indian garments. However, recently, lace has been used on Kurtis, salwar suits, and fashion blouse designs for sarees!  Every lace material has its own subtle pattern that can elevate the look of any saree. A lacy saree blouse shows just enough skin to create a stunning look without compromising on modesty. It brings together the best aspects of formal and casual styles, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

Printed Perfection

A printed blouse is a perfect pick for a special look at small social gatherings. While floral prints are most common, some also choose stripes and checks for a unique look. Printed Indian saree blouses are best paired with subtly patterned or plain georgette sarees. They are becoming an increasingly popular choice for the younger generation of saree enthusiasts.

Embroidered Elegance

Threaded embroidery on a saree blouse creates a designer look without making it too heavy or fancy. Some blouses have embroidery all over, while others feature embroidered motifs and borders. The textured appeal of the embroidered saree blouse for women transforms any saree into a gorgeous party outfit.

Stunning Sequins

Nothing says fun and fancy like shimmery, sequin-covered outfits. For those looking to dazzle the day, a sequined designer saree blouse is the perfect pick. Wear it with a plain or printed saree to make a stylish statement at any party. Most commonly stitched with a sleeveless or strappy pattern, the sequined saree blouse is a beautiful go-to option for women. You can never go wrong with a little pop of sparkle!

The key to sharp dressing is picking your outfit based on the event’s time, scale, and purpose. Here are some expert tips for styling party-wear blouses perfectly:

  • Pair a printed or embroidered blouse with a plain-coloured cotton saree for a birthday party or small gathering.
  • Opt for a sheer, sequined, or backless blouse with a simple georgette saree for a cocktail party or night out.
  • For weddings, pick an embellished blouse to go with a silk saree and gold jewellery.
  • A great choice for office parties and other evening social events would be a lace blouse with a netted or embroidered saree.

Once you have picked out a saree blouse design online, the only thing left is to drape your saree in a manner that highlights its best features. You can pick from a wide variety of draping styles, with the pallu pleated or loose.

Whichever way you choose to wear it, don’t forget to hold your head high and carry your saree with confidence and grace. You will always be beautiful, inside and out.

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