Learn Indian Classical Music Online – Flute | Saamaveda Music Academy


Learn Indian Classical Music Online – Flute | Saamaveda Music Academy

Flute is one of the ancient musical instrument having great significance in Indian Carnatic Music. Flute is also known for its implication, which is played by Lord Sri Krishna. In Indian and Western music, this instrument is being used widely. In the film music, concerts, shows, and other places flute instrument will be played by many musicians. Online Flute Classes and classroom classes will be provided at Saamaveda Music Academy for desirous learners.

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Carnatic Music – Flute Online Classes

Online music classes – Flute course can be learnt by the beginners, intermediate, and advanced aspirants. Starting from kids, to elders can pursue the Flute Course Online.  Classroom or offline training will also be provided as per the learner’s interest. Saamaveda Music Academy having 21 years of long-lasting experience in Indian Classical Music Training. Vocals and all types of instruments training will be given for the learners. Flute Classes will be offered for individuals or for a group (batch) of candidates as per the priority of the learner. Special care and support will be given by the trainers to train the learners like a pro in playing the Flute.

Flute Course Online – Details

As the Carnatic Music is the base for all the instruments, initially Carnatic Music/Indian Classical Music Basics will be taught. Introduction to Sarali Swaras, Raga and Taala concepts, Varishas like Sarali varisha, Datu varisha, Janti Varisha, and Alankaras will be taught. Almost every topic of Indian Classical Music will be introduced for the Flute learners. Also, theoretical and practical knowledge of Flute will be explained for the music adherents. Playing the Carnatic Music lessons on Flute will be explained for the learners. After coving all Carnatic Music Concepts, trainers will teach to play a song or geetam on Flute. During the course, trainers will be given complete guidance in maintaining the flute position like learn finger and lip placements on the flute, playing the flute, notes, references, and course material. Click here to know about movierulz plz.

Flute Courses Offered in Saamaveda Music Academy                     

  • Carnatic Flute classes For Beginners
  • Intermediate Flute classes
  • Advanced Flute classes

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Free Demo Class: People seeking to attend the demo classes can register on WhatsApp +91 9866513521.

Website: Visit saamavedamusicacademy.in to check the Flute Online classes’ information.

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