Method to blow hair for a glamour photo shoot


Method to blow hair for a glamour photo shoot

Shape-making of blowing hair before the shoot will help you at that time when you’re going to use any kind of instrument for blowing hairs.

Equipment for hair blowing

Equipment is the necessary step, but the price and working mechanism of each varies from person to person. If you’re new in the field of photography and belong to low-paying genres of a photo shoot you can choose those instruments which are free or fall at a cost lower than $5.

  • Hand fan

This is free of cost if you’re using any kind of mechanical fan. But if you want to give a professional look you can buy a hand fan from any online store. Photography is fun and depends on you how to get results in less amount. You’ve to take a large board in your hand and give it an up and down motion. During the photo shoot, try this method more speedily. As a result, you’ll get damn effective results.

  • Hairdryer

Hairdryers are used for drying hair. But, you can take the work of blowing hair during the Photo shoot. Adjust the type of air (cool, heat) according to the environment and needs of the client. This way is free of cost. The only expense you’ve to put in is electricity. The result of the hairdryer is not going towards perfection as we see in the others’ method. As this method is free of cost, you’ve to compromise on the results.

  1. Fan 

This way is budget free and photography starters can easily use it. A fan provides air with constant and steady speed so you’ve to put the running fan in front of the client frame, adjust the speed at which you want to blow hair. 

With the help of a fan, you can put your efforts to attain your results more concisely. Simply you have to run the fan at high speed. At the time of the shoot, switch off the fan during this time the photographer will take the pictures. 

  • Wind machine

This one is the best solution to get the dramatic and perfect look of blowing hairs during the Photo shoot. This approach is mostly used in song production and film making. If you can spend the budget and can buy the wind machine as a result you will get the drastic result. In this, you don’t have to spend amount every time this is just a single time investment. But compared with other options wind machines have high costs and give effective results.

Last but not least

We describe an easy way to blow hair during a Photo shoot for a glamorous look. But here are some cautions be careful from the use of these devices because they are connected with electricity and may harm you. No one gets perfect results by using equipment base fall on your creativity.

Hope so, this article will help you how to blow hair for a glamour in different genres of photo shoot. Have questions still? Drop a comment so we’re here to help you. It will be our pleasure!

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