One Month Old Baby Development Milestones

Four weeks after birth, your child has already changed a lot and made a lot of progress.

Your baby undergoes significant transformations between his first day and one month in life.

Here are the main things to cover about the baby’s development during his first month:

One Month Baby Development

A one-month-old baby weighs a little less than 4 kilograms on average and is usually between 52 and 55 centimeters.

Both his fine and gross motor skills are not yet well developed.

His overall activities are just a reflex…

Among the typical behaviors, he sucks on his fingers, squeezes your fingers, but cannot support his head yet.

If you try tummy time, he will release his head to the side to breathe.

Some babies wave their arms and legs during the first month to show their contentment or excitement.

They lack tone in the trunk, which is called axial hypotonia.

Baby Communication and Interaction During The First Month

At one month, the baby’s eyesight changes: he has difficulty discerning outlines, but he distinguishes bright colors very well, as well as contrasts.

Even though, your baby loves to stare at you, especially when you smile.

On the other hand, he is already perfectly capable of recognizing the voices of those around him.

Pay close attention to all his reactions: your child can follow an object with his eyes if you move it in front of him and communicate his response with you by some soft sounds or little limbs movements.

The best thing to do here is to encourage your baby to respond by making simple conversations and introducing baby toys.

Gradually introduce him to the surrounding world..

The baby is very intrigued and curious, wants to know everything, and you can help by encouraging him!

Take it in your arms and walk it from room to room; he loves to be carried.

You can also initiate basic games with your child, such as bringing your face close to his and talking to him, spirited and joyful.

Babies appreciate these moments of collaboration and play..

You can also start to introduce sensory toys and games for your baby to develop his senses.

In addition, he smiles unintentionally at this age. But rest assured that even if this smile is not particularly addressed to you, the baby is just expressing his well-being!

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Oral Communication: Crying

During the first month, you and your baby will gradually get to know each other.

While the infant’s main activity during the first few months is sleeping (around 16-20 hours a day), your baby will express himself a lot by crying. 

Your baby will show you different types of crying based on the message he wants to communicate with you.

Crying is the only oral communication way a baby can use during the early stage. 

If you don’t get your baby’s message the first time, that’s normal.

So don’t worry..

A few days, or maybe weeks later, you will get his message from the first second of crying!

Senses Development

Your baby can recognize your voice and smell perfectly well since day one! 

He has a developed hearing sense now, enabling him to listen to some light songs.

You can make him discover soft melodies… 

Regarding his eyesights, he still sees unclearly and blurry, and cannot see your face or any object beyond 30 cm distance. .

Baby Food

Infants can only have milk during the first 4 months… 

Whether you are breastfeeding or have opted for formula milk, feeding on demand is highly recommended at such a young age.

From a bottle or breast, you need to feed your baby about every 4 hours, which is 6 times a day.

Overall Health and Overall Well-being

By one month old, the baby’s umbilical cord has already fallen off usually.

This is also the time to take some vaccines…

Make sure to check the baby’s growth chart with his pediatrician.

Besides, babies show some digestion-related issues during the first weeks, especially when using bottles.

So, make sure to discuss every concern with the doctor to stay on the safe side. 


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