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Xoc disc is one of the oldest folk games with many red and black properties that is loved by many players around the world. Currently, because of many different factors, many people cannot gather together to play. To serve the passion of brothers around the world, Jun88 has launched an online disco game. You do not need to gather in large numbers, but you can still satisfy your passion by registering an account at jun88

Instructions for playing dice at Jun88

To participate in playing local poker at Jun88, you need to register an account at our official website, then proceed to top up your account and play by following the following steps:

  1. Click on the disc shock interface
  2. Selection of betting table
  3. Bet on the door you want to bet on
  4. Wait for the results to know if you win or lose.

How to play dice at Jun88

For 1-coin dice, the basic bet is on tails and heads.

For dice with 2 coins, play heads up or 1 tails, 1 heads.

For dice, 4 coins is also a popular play style and has more bets

The door is placed in the disc shock

In order not to be confused in the betting process of the game, you need to be knowledgeable about the rules and how to bet in the game. At Nhà cái Jun88 we convention how to play poker as follows:

Each coin in the dice will have 2 sides, a red side and a white side.

Each play will have 4 coins on the disc.

The door is when there are 4 red faces or 3 red faces and 1 white face.

A faint door is when 4 white faces or 3 white faces and 1 red side.

An even door is when there are 4 faces of the same color or 2 white 2 red.

Odd doors are when there are 3 red 1 white or 3 white 1 red.

Due to the way of the game at Jun88, the bet results will be read as parity or over and under, not reading the sides of the coin. To avoid confusion while playing, you should note this

Betting odds at the house Jun88

When participating in betting at the game of discus at the house Jun88, you should note that the house’s payout ratio for each betting door is completely different. That’s why you should consider carefully before you want to bet on each. Below we would like to guide you about the betting odds of the house Jun88 as follows:

A 4-sided red or 4 white door has a payout of 12 times the stake.

Doors 3 white 1 red and 3 red 1 white have 2.6 times the stake.

For over and under bets, each side will have a payout ratio of 1 to 0.96 times the bet.

Pairs with even and odd bets also have the same odds as over and under.

Share betting experience at Jun88 bookie

When you participate in betting on the dice game at the Jun88 bookie, we recommend that you learn a few basic factors below:

Learn carefully how to play poker and how to pay prizes at the house Jun88 to avoid confusion with other betting games. Each game at Jun88 has a completely different form of play and reward

During the game, please stay calm and alert. And most importantly, it is necessary to manage and distribute bets in the most reasonable way to avoid misplaced bets leading to loss.

Learn more experience and tactics of longtime poker players at the house.

You can sit and watch others play to learn playing experience and betting strategies from longtime players. In addition, you can apply the search methods that many players have been using. This will help you win a lot when participating in betting at Jun88.


Above is the sharing and instructions for all brothers playing the game of discus at the house Jun88. In addition to the disc jockey game, the house Jun88 also has many other betting games to help you change the atmosphere with extremely attractive features

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