Potty Learning: 5 Benefits of Potty Training Pants

Once your baby starts walking, running, talking and achieving all significant milestones, life suddenly is full of joy and laughter. But achieving some milestones can be easier and come on their own, while some milestones need a lot of help and intervention from parents and can be inconvenient for your child.

Potty training is one such milestone that needs a lot of intervention and support from parents and caregivers. While for some parents and kids, potty training doesn’t take more than just three days, for some, it takes weeks of patience and love to achieve this milestone. This article will discuss an essential aspect of the potty training process – the potty training pants. But let us first understand what potty training means.

What is Potty Training

Potty training or toilet training is the milestone where your child learns how to identify the cues that they want to pee or poop; they use the washroom to pee or poop, learn how to wipe or wash their bum, wash their hands, pull their potty training pants down when they want to use the toilet and up after they are done. Potty training is not just pooping and peeing in the bathroom but the whole process of independently managing the peeing and pooping.

Of course, potty training is not a one-time process. Things like washing hands and pulling the potty training pants up or down are also taught separately and sooner than potty training for using the toilet begins. But the potty training is not complete unless your child cannot do all of it on their own.

What Are Potty Training Pants

Potty training pants are bumwear designed primarily to aid toddlers’ potty training process. Potty training pants are padded underwear and are not waterproof like modern cloth diapers. They can soak up to one pee. The purpose of potty training pants is not to make the child feel dry and not feel the pee’s moisture. The whole purpose of potty training pants is for the child to feel the wetness and learn the connection between the urge they had a few seconds back versus the moisture. And this is how they start telling in advance that they want to pee. However, this does not mean that potty training pants are messy and extra work for the parents. Good potty training pants like Padded Underwear by SuperBottoms are mess-free and soak up to one pee without leaving your sofa, bed, floor or clothes in a pee puddle!

Benefits Of Potty Training Pants

Many parents choose to start the potty training process by completely doing away with cloth diapers and putting the baby in regular underwear. But this also means a lot of running around with a mop in hand the whole day. Thus, choosing the right potty training pants is essential. Here are five reasons why potty training pants would be your best potty training companion!

  1. Helps Make A Connection – Till the time a child is in a diaper, the super absorbent property of the diaper would not let the child feel the moisture and keep the bum dry. This is because a diaper is meant to soak up to multiple pees and not change after every pee. But potty training pants are intended to make the child feel the wetness and connect the pressure or urge they feel in the bladder before they feel the dampness in the diaper. A similar connection between pressure and poop mess is made, and they understand that they need to communicate before the pee or poop is out and sit on the seat to relieve themselves. This is the whole purpose and the most significant benefit of potty training pants.
  2. Builds Confidence – You might not embarrass your child if they make a mess, but this emotion comes naturally to kids. They might feel embarrassed if they pee or poop in front of someone. Plus, you can never ensure that the way you are gentle with them, everyone else they are exposed to during their daycare time, outings etc., are too. Not making a mess if they have an accidental pee or poop helps build kids’ confidence.
  3. Builds Independence – Having a hold over their bodily processes creates a lot of confidence in kids. Potty training pants help kids achieve a significant milestone that they see their parents putting a lot of effort towards. Thus, pulling the pants up and down to pee or poop gave them the level of independence they needed to take charge of the situation and master the potty training process.
  4. Reduces Your Workload – Not using potty training pants and graduating from a diaper directly to regular underwear also means a lot of extra work for you. Although if your baby poops in regular underwear, it will not be a huge mess outside, imagine the number of pee puddles you will need to mop in a day if they pee in regular underwear. And not just mopping, the sofa covers, the bedsheets, their own clothes, clothes of people holding them in their arms if they pee at that time – the laundry load would be unimaginable daily. Potty training pants can soak up to one pee and thus are mess-free and save a lot of effort and work of parents and domestic help.
  5. Pull-Up Style Easy Design – The easy pull-up and pull-down design make it easy for the kids to use without help from adults. It is convenient to remove after accidental pee and poops directly inside the washroom without having to sir or die down like in the case of a diaper.

It is popularly believed that potty training pants are helpful only during the daytime, as they soak only up to one pee. But once you start training your child, you would also need to take them to pee before bedtime and in the middle of the night so that they do not accidentally spoil the sheets in their sleep. But accidents can happen nonetheless. Thus, making your child wear protective underwear – potty training pants is also helpful during night-time. They also come in handy during travels and outings. So, make potty training pants your potty training companion and achieve the goal without much mess around. Happy parenting!

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