Spring Prom Dresses: What to Wear to Prom 


With the pressure to look awesome, many of us end up wasting an arm and a leg on a dress that doesn’t even fit our body type. It’s hard to find what works best for you when the market is full of options. If you don’t know where to start, this guide will give you all the information you need! We’ve put together the perfect outfit combinations for your body type, so let’s get started!

What to wear if you have a pear-like body shape

This chunky style will give you an hourglass figure (slightly fuller than an hourglass) and a wide waist. It’s a traditional shape that will appeal to anyone and the deep V-neck will draw attention to your cleavage. Tight, sticky fabric can make your tummy look even flatter, but you don’t want this look to emphasize your tummy because it will be obvious that you have an hourglass figure. Instead, choose a dress that naturally hugs your curves. As this style is very short, you should avoid a flowing skirt, easily looking sloppy. Instead, make a basic top a short top if you don’t have a lot of cleavage to show, or if you want to go out with a short dress. Sturdy fabrics work best in the summer because they’re more breathable, but you can always wear this style in the winter months too.

What to wear if you’re a short girl

If you’re a tall girl, one of the most important things to consider when shopping for ball gowns is finding a dress that makes you feel confident. The average length of the ball gown is just over 4’9”, but what does 4’9” really mean? For some girls, the top of the dress reaches the navel and the bottom is too short to reach mid-thigh. For others, the hem of the dress will hit below the ankles and the top will end just below the chin. (It’s confusing and a little intimidating!) Fortunately, many prom dresses are short and cute. In general, your best bet is to choose a dress that sits just below the knee.

What to wear if you’re tall

Make the most of your legs with the dressup 4 look from the gala pants store Finding a dress that fits you isn’t so easy, but finding a dress that doesn’t restrict you to a mini is impossible. A little black dress is great, but if you’re smaller than 5’10”, it’s going to look weird. Instead, choose a really feminine and feminine style that shows off your figure. For example, wear black pants, or a pair of black pants cut with heels, or black skinny jeans with flats. What To Wear If You’re Average What To Wear If You’re Small What To Wear If You’re Bigger The best color combinations to wear to prom If you’re not sure what to wear, take a good look at these fantastic prom dresses!

What to wear if you’re small 

If you’re small, we recommend choosing a dress or coat. You want the dress to hug your body and not gape at the front. This will highlight your body’s curves and help you look taller and slimmer. Avoid unnecessary embellishments if you have a small structure. Instead, choose a floral design in a rich hue like maroon or navy. Go with layers like a long-sleeved turtleneck or layered tank under a hooded collar dress, which will help to disguise your figure. A great choice for this body type is a straight silhouette. Wear a sheer pleated skirt and a waist belt to keep you looking proportionate. If you have curves, however, opt for a wide skirt and tight waist. Add a fun bag and, if you’re lucky, a little sparkle.

What to wear if you have curves

Unless you have a personal trainer, you probably don’t fit the image of a skinny girl who looks good in a cocktail dress. You probably have curves. If you fall into this category, we recommend an optical illusion look: you’ll look slimmer but have the appearance of curves. Wear a halter dress with a mesh panel and a smaller top and bottom to help give a round neckline and shapely waist. Take a look at how these two homecoming dresses (one for average-tall girls and one for taller ones) look on different body types. Skirts should fit your body type If you have an hourglass figure, your dress should be tight enough to accentuate your curves. The tighter the dress, the more likely you are to overdo it.

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What to wear if you’re toned up

You can choose a white dress, gold accessories, and silver strappy sandals if you’re more fit. You will look beautiful in this outfit. What to wear if you have a very flat body Girls with a flat body should wear a plain white dress and plain white sandals. Or, if you’re more modest, you can make the outfit much sexier by wearing black, red, or blue. What to wear if you have very lateral breasts If you’re a little bigger in the breast area, consider a sleeveless dress with ruffles or a bow belt. A floral print is another great option if your breast is out there! What to wear if you have very small bones If you are a girl with a very small bust, you can wear a halter top dress with a ribbon belt and black shoes. You will be beautiful!

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