Stream Lala the DJ’s Exclusive Tidal Playlist: Boarding Pass


Boarding Pass, an exclusive playlist for Tidal’s Curated By Series. Internationally-renowned Music Producer/ DJ Lala the DJ, born Daniela Voznesensky, has created a playlist in collaboration with Tidal to celebrate cultures and genres of music around the world. The playlist has over 40 songs covering more than 10 countries, including songs by EST Gee, YN Jay, Mr Eazi, Digga D, Ariana Grande, and more.

“Music & travel; two of the greatest gifts life has to offer. We can’t leave the country this year, but we can still get a sonic taste of other cultures and their diverse creative offerings via music. This playlist has no set theme or genre — just a collection of some of my favorite current tracks from over 10 different countries, including Zimbabwe, Israel, Russia, Sweden, Vietnam, and more.”

Click here to stream the new playlist.

Lala is a multi-genre DJ and music producer who works with many of todays biggest artists. Photos online show her DJing at Miami’s Booby Trap and TAO Las Vegas. She also traveled to perform with Winter Blanco for Rolling Loud in 2019. Lala is a brand influencer and model as well, working with Nike and other big brands. According to her website, she uses Serato and FL Studio software, but also turntables. In the past, she has curated and hosted mixtapes. She is widely touted as a first choice DJ for fashion houses, brands, celebrity events, and nightclubs internationally.  Genres she plays span from Hip Hop & R&B to Progressive, House, Alternative, Disco, Afrobeat and more.

Lala is currently at work in the studio working on original production for major artists. In July, she has DJ’d the Brent Fiyaz/ Drake single release series at the Los Angeles reserve. According to her social media, she is also regularly performing at celebrity hotspot, Crazy Girls nightclub.

The 24-year-old is one of today’s most promising musicians, also doubling as an influencer and tastemaker. Her work has been featured in Hypebeast, Uproxx, All Hip Hop, HipHopDX, and more. She also is a music journalist who regularly conducts artist interviews for Billboard and more. While studying in college at the University of California, she started working in radio and brand management before honing on her performance skills.

In previous interviews, Lala explains how being a woman has been both an advantage and a disadvantage, but she embraces it. She takes her career very seriously, aiming to be seen as one of the best.

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