Teleworking: Our Tips for Containment

During the lockdown, we will never have heard so much about telecommuting, or teleworking. To avoid staying in your pajamas and doing spring cleaning three times, here are our tips to be on top of telecommuting. Yes, your lifestyle management will be improved!

#1 Teleworking from Home: Keeping the Pace

Working from your bed, still in your pajamas or sleeping in, these are the preconceived ideas about teleworking.

But don’t just dream, it’s good to work. It’s neither a weekend day nor a vacation.

When working from home, it is important to keep the same pace as if you were going to the office.

Put an alarm clock, take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast…

Do whatever you normally would. Then start telecommuting.

#2 Telework: Organize an Office Area

If you don’t have an office in your home, now is the time to set up a small work area. Prefer a quiet place, rather than right in the middle of the living room, which incidentally serves as a playroom for the children.

For example, you can set up a table in the hall, if it offers enough space. Or in your room. Make sure you find a comfortable seat to protect your back. Bye bye the stool!

However, you can alternate between chair and gym ball, ideal for building muscle. Its advantage? He deflates! Once your telecommuting day is over, hope, you put it in a drawer.

#3 Teleworking: Setting up a Framework with the Family

Do you telecommute from home? Attention, warning! For some people around you, this could be understood as “I am available”. Certainly, you are at home but you work well! No, you are not available for ’a little flea market this afternoon’, no you cannot ‘keep your nephew just for 3 hours.’

If you have children, set a clear framework together: who works and at what time? A shift every two hours to take turns looking after the little ones? One telecommutes in the morning, the other in the afternoon?

One is completely available during the day but starts teleworking at 6 p.m. until midnight… All organizations are possible. It’s up to you to find the one that suits you best. Either way, set a clear frame and adjust it based on what you’re going through.

#4 Teleworking: Take Breaks

The temptation to stick your nose to the computer all day is great! So take time for yourself: take breaks. It is essential to oxygenate your brain and be more serene, more available, more creative!

Treat yourself for example to a gourmet coffee, take the time to prepare a good meal from time to time, with balanced dishes, and easy recipes. Another essential point during your telecommuting breaks: hydration! Consider drinking water, hot or iced infusions…

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Finally, think about getting some fresh air: take a walk around the block, sunbathe in your garden if you are lucky enough to have one, or on your balcony.