GTA V is hands-down the most mod-able game of all time. The community of GTA V mod makers have created hundreds and thousands of mods to choose from ranging from playable cartoon characters to revisiting the streets of vice city to realistic visual mods. Even if you dislike using mods, you can agree that mods elevate the overall experience of the game. If you haven’t started your journey with GTA V, you can buy a GTA V cd key from Gamecamp to get it started.

Mods are a vast ocean of GTA V content, it may look intimidating to dip in your feet at first but in this article, I have compiled the best mods to get a glimpse of the ever-growing modding community.

1. Grand Theft Space

This is one of the most ambitious, game-changing mod the community has ever created. This mods allows you to explore the moon and eleven different planets, a world outside the bounds of Los Santos. You traverse through the solar system as a NASA astronaut on a fully functioning space shuttle battling aliens with machine guns. Although this mod is not very mission based, but you will get to enjoy wreaking havoc in outer space. It is an out of this world experience and will interest genuine fans of GTA V.

2. Simple Zombies

For any The Walking Dead fan this mod is an absolute must-have! Simple Zombie turns the streets of Los Santos into a survival sim infested with the living-dead. The goal is pretty simple, build shelters, manage your health and hunger, hunt for food, loot for resources and remember, don’t get out-numbered by hordes of zombies! You can also recruit survivors, littered throughout los santos, to help you last in this cold-world.

3. VisualV

VisualV takes the cake for being by far the best realistic graphic mod on the internet. The mod offers a whole array of weathers based on the hundreds of picture and movies from Los Angeles. It has a realistic moon with accurate size as well as movement. Shadows under cars are improved so that they aren’t blocky anymore. Volumetric fog and cloud have also been enhanced. The modders that created this mod has to literally rewrite many of the game’s features from scratch. Now that pretty commendable!

4. Poke Ball

Even wanted to play Pokemon GO in GTA V, well your wish has been granted! At the beginning you are given six poke balls; you can throw them at NPC but first you have to fight a battle with them to rough em up, so they are weakened and don’t escape the captivity of your poke ball. You can use the caught NPCs to fight by your side. It is basically what you would expect from a Pokemon game!

5. ATM Robberies & Bank Heists

Funds running a bit low? Why not rob a bank! This mod lets you steal cash from any of the 47 ATMs or 10 banks where you rob from $550 up to $20,000,000. Once you have robbed a bank or ATM, you will need to escape to one of the nearby hideouts to secure your loot from the LAPD.

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