Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

The wellbeing of everyone currently means maintaining social distancing and embracing virtual meetups and events. While a year of distance from the people you love can be a bit much and virtual gatherings can become a bit stale, there are ways to spice up the digital gatherings, including searching for the best wings near me. With a little creativity, it is possible to make your virtual events fun and exciting. Here are six options.

1. Invite Everyone to a Chicken Wing Celebration

Why are buffalo chicken wings the most popular wings? People like to stick to the tried and true when it comes to chicken wings, but that can mean they are missing out. If you want a truly unique virtual party, have a chicken wing celebration. As the host, you can send each person a variety of flavorful wings, or each attendee can get their own wings delivered to their door. Let the taste test begin.

2. Chicken Wing Eating Competition

If you want to up the ante of the chicken wing celebration, make it an eating contest. With chicken wing delivery, it is easy to get every virtual guest a healthy supply for the contest. You can come up with unique prizes or choose gift cards from your favorite pizza and wing supplier. The specifics are up to you.

3. Murder Mystery

If you run with a group of amateur detectives, it might be fun to design your own murder mystery dinner. Have you ever played Clue? If so, you are familiar with the concept. Basically, you need to create a story. Each person plays a character. There is an imaginary murder that occurs, and following clues, everyone tries to figure out who’s the killer.

4. Virtual Happy Hour

Do you and your friends enjoy a good night out on the town? Consider a virtual happy hour. This is not like the happy hours you might be used to. Instead, you hire a mixologist to teach you and your guest how to make some signature cocktails. It is a good opportunity to learn something new and have fun with your friends.

5. Movie Night

For the family, you can choose to have a movie night. Many companies, like Netflix and other video streaming platforms, are allowing stream sharing, allowing friends and family to watch and in some cases chat with each other. While it is not the same as sitting in a theater or gathering around the TV, it is still a chance to share something with those you love.

6. Karaoke

Do you and your friends like to sing along to popular music? Karaoke is one thing that transfers pretty well into virtual gathering spaces. Whether you like to butcher the classics or add a new spin on the top 100, having a virtual sing-along is sure to get a smile on everyone’s face — even if they have to put in their earplugs.

While life has changed a lot recently, there is no reason people can’t still celebrate together. With food to share and fun to have, even a virtual event can lead to memories.