Wedding lehengas: How you can make the right choice with us on your side


If you are a bride to be, then, amongst the things you would be worried about, the choice of the right Wedding Lehenga will also be one. Wedding Lehengas as is chosen carefully can add glamour and glitter to the event.

Most of us get married once and so the big day should have both- enthusiasm and exuberance. The wedding lehenga is something that will make you radiant and prepared.

If you look at traditional weddings, then the usage of bright colours is seen. The weddings are colourful and there is a concept of using bright and eye-catching colours. If you are a bride to be, then the choice of the right colour for your outfit will certainly take loads of time.

We as the experts, are there to assist you with the right choice. We will come up with factors that you could consider for choosing the best outfit.

Below are the factors that will help choose the right Lehenga in the right colour for your big day:

  1. Identify the tone of skin- Most individuals do not have an understanding of their skin done. But if we look at this the right way, then, it would be easy figuring. You should have a look at the veins under the skin, if these appear blue, then you are cool-toned and if these are Greener, then you bear a warm tone. The Warm-toned brides have Yellow skin while cooler-toned are pinker. You should keep this in mind and accordance choose the colour. You must try and choose the colour that best suits the skin tone so that the beauty radiates naturally and the guests and loved ones are amazed. If you have to segregate, then with cool skin tone the deep colours like wine, royal blue and emerald radiates. Alternatively, with warmer skin, the bright yellow, Orange, Red and others reflect.
  2. Choose the right colour scheme- As the choice of the preferred outfit colour is done, then it is always a good idea to think of a colour palette for a wedding. The choice of the colourful flowers, table decorations and others has to be done. The understanding of how the decorations would coordinate perfectly with the chosen dress or suit is necessary. Anyone going for a light, pastel-toned wedding should dress in an exquisite nude colour along with silver embellishments. One would be the centre of attention if the décor and colours of the wedding are directly linked to the beautiful outfit.
  3. Choose as per season- The season in which the wedding is hosted is an undeniably necessary factor. In cooler months, the ability to wear heavyweight fabrics is there. Also, dark and deeper colours like Navy Blue. In summer, you can think of lighter colours and fabrics.

The wedding day is amazing. Whatever colour you choose to wear on that day, the radiance is something you must ensure. If you can feel confident within yourself and look coordinated then you must make sure of considering the three factors above for looking even better on the wedding day.

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