What a Property Manager Will Do

If you are a rental property owner and have been managing your property business on your own, you have probably learned that there is more to being a landlord than you expected. Because of this, you may be considering hiring a reputable provider of Glendale property management services. But, even if you have heard a lot about these providers, you are probably still wondering what exactly this company will do for you. This post explores what an experienced property manager should provide you with in terms of services:

Advertising Your Rental Property

Property managers will advertise your vacant property to a high-quality tenant pool. They will use a diverse set of platforms to make your bali land for sale visible to a wide group of prospects.  Also, they make themselves available for those who will reach out with interest.

Screening Tenants

A property manager will thoroughly screen all possible tenants. This includes doing background and credit checks to ensure they have no criminal background, outstanding debts, and past evictions. In addition, they will help you avoid discrimination when screening possible tenants, staying compliant with the fair housing laws.

Handling Tenant Move-Ins

Your property manager will handle many things at the time your tenant will move into your rental property. They will ensure there is legally compliant lease drafting that keeps your specific needs in mind, evaluate local rental rates to ensure your rent will generate income, carry out detailed move-in inspections with all parties, and collect security deposit as well as first and last month’s rent. They will turn over the keys to the tenant and give a welcome package, complete with related contact information, local area information, maintenance responsibilities, and more.

Maintaining Your Property and Handling Complaints

Whenever a tenant has a maintenance or repair request, your property manager will handle it. They will give your tenants access to a 24/7 on-call maintenance crew. This takes the pressure off of you and having to keep yourself available at all times.

Collecting Rent

Your property manager will collect rent payments, track down tenants who have not paid, send out rent reminders, and disburse payments to you. Also, they initiate eviction proceedings if your tenant fails to pay rent on time.

Carrying Out Seasonal Inspections

A good property manager will ensure everything is okay with your tenants and that they are fulfilling their lease obligations.. A property inspection will help discover small maintenance issues and get them fixed before they turn into major problems.