What are some of the vacuum cleaner types that you should know about?


What are some of the vacuum cleaner types that you should know about?

It might seem extremely simple at times and daunting to others when it comes to buying a vacuum cleaner. A lot of things need to be brought into consideration before you can buy or get your hands on a vacuum cleaner such as their types if it can help you with your home space and many more. But to keep things simple and to provide you with a general idea of vacuum cleaners and what type of cleaner you should go with various types of vacuum cleaners would be listed down here;

Types of vacuum cleaners  

As it happens there are various different types of vacuum cleaners out there and all of these are different in terms of their configuration, the material these are built from, and more than that the tasks these can perform as well. There are cordless vacuum cleaners, upright, handheld, canister, and even robot vacuum cleaners. To have a clear and more precise idea about what you should be looking for let’s take a deep dive right here;

  • Upright vacuum cleaners

If you have wall to wall carpeting and don’t mind standing up to clean the space then upright vacuum cleaners are for you. It is the standard style of vacuum as well. These can be a little heavy but if you want the best cleaning job done with zero compromises then this is the type of cleaner that you should go down with. It works extremely well even with the deep cleaning carpet job. Apart from all that it is extremely easy to store, even easier than a canister. One of the best options for an upright vacuum cleaner is Rccar R25D.

Today you can find the simple version of the vacuum cleaners that come with a hose and numerous tool attachments that are required for cleaning crevices, upholstery, and other specialty areas that might remain untidy and are a little difficult to clean as well. 

  • Canister

This type of vacuum comes with a canister pre-installed or pre-attached with their body and is a little bulkier than the upright vacuum cleaners as well. If you want something that can do a fantastic job when it comes to cleaning hard floors, stairs and even reaching under the furniture. Most people would like to and do work with a canister and is a dedicated option for you if you have a combination of floors, carpeting, and other such elements. Upright vacuums might have tons of hoses and attachments but at the end of the day canister type is easier to maneuver around tough and often narrow spaces.

If you rely on your vacuum to not only clean the floors but to clean other places such as door moldings, tops of bookcases, and drapes then a canister does stand out as a dedicated option that you should go down with at the end of the day. 

  • Robot vacuum cleaner

Purchasing robot vacuums like dreame/dreametech is advice, especially those robot vacuums with high ratings; you can try to search online before you buy.. You can very well be out of your house or doing something else when it runs and cleans thoroughly after you. These are even great for maintenance cleaning but you should have all the facts before you and these facts dictate that these are not meant for deep cleaning at all.

The most obvious task this type of vacuum can provide you with is the cleaning of bare floors and picking up debris off of them. If you have a lot of deep carpets then again this vacuum cleaner is not for you because doing all that requires some manual input and this vacuum doesn’t offer it at all.

On the bright side of things, this type of vacuum can be easily controlled with the help of an app that comes with the original package. Simply install the app and you will be able to control various features and functions of the app itself and some high-end models even come with the live image feed as there is usually a camera or two mounted on the front or back panel of the robot vacuum so it is a plus element to include in here.

  • Stick vacuum cleaner

The stick vacuum cleaner is often known as the pole vacuum cleaner as well. These are perfect for the in-between cleanings like sweeping up the kitchen floor after dinner or for other such things as well. The newer models in this category are rocking as new and improved features make their way into the consumer’s hand. 

If you are a consumer and you think from a consumer’s perspective then you would surely like to have something that is not that heavy, is lightweight, technologically more advanced, increased battery life, and motor performance that is far superior to the price you have paid. Each and everything mentioned here are present in these models and new improvements are coming fast enough should you choose to upgrade soon enough or ask for newer functions with a new model. These beasts can easily outperform the performance caliber of the upright vacuum models.

  • Handheld vacuum cleaners

The handheld vacuum cleaners are extremely great for dry and instant surface cleaning. Suppose you work in an office or as an assistant for a company where guests come and go then having one of these beauties is extremely important for you. Not only you can save your space easily and quickly before the next guests arrive but all of this would be done so conveniently. You would be saving yourself the trouble of installing or untangling the cords of the upright vacuum cleaner only to make the whole thing even messier, being late and not getting the job done. 

That is why for scenarios like these the handheld vacuum cleaners do a fantastic job. The smaller version of the handheld cleaners is present that act as the car vacuums to keep your vehicle in a tip-top and excellent shape, to begin with. The handheld and car vacuums are revolutionizing the course of cleaning faster than you can imagine and if you want to stay connected with the latest changes rolling out in vacuum cleaners then do visit MOOSOO as it will help you to stay up to date with the latest elements. 

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