What email delivery service should you choose in 2022?

If you run an online shop or a blog, and send bulk messages to promote your products and attract customers to your services, you need to know how to do it effectively and fast. It’s not that easy to achieve both, that’s why the content management platforms don’t handle sending emails themselves, but they use SMTP email services. What email delivery service should you choose in 2022?

What are the features of the best email delivery services?

Before choosing the best email delivery service, analyse the features they offer, to make sure your emails are delivered fast, and effectively. An email checker is a tool used to verify the validity and deliverability of email addresses. It checks for invalid or fake email addresses, improving email deliverability rates.

  1. Sending your marketing emails, you must be sure they get to the main folder, not to the spam folder. Your transactional emails need to be delivered as fast as possible.
  2. Make sure the email delivery service providers take care of their clients. You will need a lot of work on your own without necessary documentation for troubleshooting and setup.
  3. Customer support. Analyse the channels of contact – email, phone or chat? Verify that the promises made by the provider are being kept by reading the comments of the current users.
  4. Check how many emails you can send in the plan that is affordable to you. The cheaper the plan is, the less number of functions you will get. If you don’t intend to use all of the functions offered, the cheapest plan may be enough for you.
  5. Insight into statistics. You need to regularly assess the effectiveness of your emails, that’s why the statistics are really important to you. You need to know how many people opened and clicked links in your emails, to be able to moderate the campaign in case of low effectiveness.

What are the best email delivery service providers?

  1.  Postmark, which is an SMTP email delivery service, focuses only on emails, not on SMS marketing, social ads, or other marketing channels, which may be its advantage and disadvantage at the same time. The service boasts to have the best email deliverability rates in the industry. Sending 10,000 emails a month costs $10. The experts offer customer support via email, chat, or phone.
  2.  EmailLabs, offering cloud-based SMTP Servers, focusing also on API, transactional and marketing email delivery service. The goal of the provider is to increase the reputation, secure trust, optimize speed, with real-time monitoring. The partnership between the provider and Inbox Service Providers ensures high deliverability rate. The emails are send in less than 0.16 seconds. Companies sending up to 24,000 emails a month can choose a free-of-charge plan.
  3. Sendgrid email delivery service provider focuses on API and email marketing service, as well as support for SMS and WhatsApp. One of the largest and oldest in the industry. Unfortunately, choosing the cheaper plan customers report deliverability problems, and the customer support is faster in case of higher plans. Sending 10,000 emails costs $19.95/month.
  4. SparkPost is an email delivery service perfect for enterprises mainly, offering highly detailed documentation for troubleshooting and setup. It’s not the best provider for smaller senders, looking for a simple SMTP sending tool. Sending 10,000 emails costs $20/month (Starter).
  1. Amazon SES, a very cheap email delivery service, yet with limited functions. With the provider, you will lack insight into deliverability that needs to be tracked manually. You won’t also get any support. Inexpensive basic service for the minimum needs. You will send 10,000 for $1.

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