What is PPC? Learn Everything About Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

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PPC Marketing is one of the most trending fields of Digital Marketing that holds a positively great portion of advertising your site. PPC has the potential to bring a great number of visitors to a particular site. If you want to explore more about PPC and its working process then you are at the right place here we will learn everything about PPC marketing.

So, here starting with the definition let us explore everything, from basics to advance about PPC marketing.

What is PPC?

So, the first step is an introduction to PPC marketing which gives the answer to what PPC is? PPC or Pays Per Click is a marketing model and also a very crucial part of the digital marketing field. In this form of internet marketing, advertisers pay for each time their ads get clicked by the visitors. In this way, you are simply buying the visitors through the advertisements for which you pay.

The most popular platform for Pay Per Click marketing is the search engine. The search engines let the advertisers bid for the placement of their ads in the sponsored links of the search engines. So, whenever a visitor enters the respective keywords related to your page then your site is placed at the top of the search engine result page. Now, let us explore more things about PPC advertising.

Types of PPC Ads

There are several types of Paid Ads through which you can represent your website’s ads, so some major types of PPC are:

Search Ads

Search ads are the ads based on the test and the relevant keywords. These ads are shown on the result page of the search engines along with other organic results.

Display Ads

Displays ads are ads that are a combination of both text and images. These types of ads can be majorly witnessed in the apps and the pages of websites. On the corner of every site, you might have seen some ads which are examples of display ads.

Paid Socials

Social media are nowadays become the favorite of everyone so the maximum audience is present here. This is why social media is also considered an effective place for placing ads. So, you can also pay to get your ads placed on social media pages.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are especially for those visitors which did not convert to your customer or subscriber. So, these types are ads are shown to them frequently to make the visitor visit the site again.

Where You Can Learn PPC?

As per our research, we found that the best digital marketing institute to learn PPC is Quibus Trainings. They provide the best offline digital marketing course in Jaipur, and they are also in the top 10 best institute list for a digital marketing online course. Quibus has an extensive curriculum that helps you in learning digital marketing from basics to advanced levels. The faculty is highly experienced and believes in practical learning. However, they do not provide dedicated PPC courses but they do provide 6 months of PPC training for the best learning and in-hand experience.

What are the Major PPC Platforms?

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Let us now discover the major platforms for PPC marketing so you can pick a relevant one for yourself.

Google Ads

There is no doubt on the fact that Google is the most commonly used search engine in the world. Also, Goggle has its own advertising platform which allows the advertisers to place bids and get their ads viewed on the Google search pages and YouTube. In this platform, you need to focus on the keywords because there is great competition in keywords.

Facebook Ads

The other very famous platform is Facebook with above 2.8 billion users. Since a great population is present here that means you can hit a great number of targets over here. You can easily display your ads in the form of posts over here and also on Instagram advertisements.

Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft ads which are also known as the Bing ads are another great platform for PPC advertisement. It allows you to put your ads in the search network, partner sites i.e. Yahoo.com, and on other web properties.

Amazon Advertising

If you are seeking some kinds of products, then no platform can be better than the Amazon ads. This is because maximum product-related searches are first done on amazon. It has also been proved as the fastest-growing Pay Per Click platform for e-commerce sites.

Benefits of PPC Marketing

PPC Ads Reach People Cost-effectively

PPC advertisement campaigns let the advertisers control their budget. This means you are the one who is going to decide that what amount are you going to invest in advertising your product or services.

PPC Ads Provide Instant Traffic

In the case of organic marketing, you need to put more effort to drive visitors to your site because at first, you need to bring your page to the result page of the search engine. But in the case of paid marketing, your site is already present at the top of the result page. So, in this way you can grab instant visitors just in a single click.

PPC Ads Drive the Target Audience

The best way to reach out to your targeted audience is through advertisement. Because these ads reach the visitor at an accurate time when they are searching for similar services or products. This will not only bring visitors to you but actually the customers who are interested in what you are selling.

PPC Ads Lead to Positive ROI 

PPC helps you to get the exact number of data regarding the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. So, this will help you to plan for further ideas or campaigns and the major steps that are required to be taken. You can also get the exact amount being spent to get the visitors and the out of the visitors how many get changed into your customers. So, in this way, the Pay Per Click ads lead to positive ROI.

PPC Ads Are Free from Algorithm Changes

The other form of marketing such as SEO and content totally depends upon the algorithm of the search engines. But in the case of PPC ads, you need not worry about any algorithm updates. You can instantly draw out the functioning of your PPC campaigns based on the metrics it uses.

Hence, these were all the basic terms and the things related to PPC that you must know before learning it. And to learn them Quibus Trainings is the best digital marketing institute you can count on. Once you know these aspects of Pay-Per-Click, you are half set to start your career in PPC marketing.

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