What Is the Difference Between the Best Essay Writing Service and A Scam?

A student who has lost money to a fake essay writing company might think every online writer is a fake. On the contrary, not every online essay writing company is fake. There are many best online writing service companies that serve students genuinely.

What you need is to know how to identify the genuine from the fake. A genuine essay writer will keep to their promise. They will not take money from customers but fail to deliver papers. In this post, we will show you what differentiates a genuine writing company and a scam.

How to spot the best essay writing service and a scam

A good company will always remain good, a bad company will always remain bad but the following points will help you spot the difference.

The best essay writing service offers high-quality service

There is no secret here if a company offers you poor writing services, it is a fake. The best essay writing service offers genuine high-quality services without compromising the rules. One of the ways to know if an essay writing service is genuine is to check paper writing services review from several websites.

Quality service starts from the customer service desk. If an essay writer company is fake, its customer service desk will not be reachable. A genuine company will have its customer service lines open 24/7 so that customers can call, chat, email or text and get a reply in an instant.

The best essay writing service has highly qualified writers

Writers are the ones who create original papers but if they are not qualified, they cannot deliver quality. Fake writing companies hire poorly qualified writers. They hire writers without degrees or any kind of experience. As a result, they deliver poorly written papers that cannot earn you any grades.

On the contrary, genuine essay writing companies hire qualified writers both academically and with experience. Their writers have graduated from different universities and this is why they have unique writing skills that help them create high grades papers. They get many positive essay writing service reviews from thousands of students who have received high-quality papers from them.

They offer guaranteed services

There is nothing as scary as ordering your essay from a company that gives you no guarantee. Without a guarantee, you will not be certain about your security or if your information can leak out to a third party.

The paper you pay for might be shared with another customer or resold to them. This is how scams work when you order a paper from them. Don’t be surprised if you get your paper was sold to another customer or you get your information circulating online.

The best essay writing sites that are genuine are different. They not only assure you of a guarantee but also give it in written form to help build confidence in you. They use encryption in their payment system and invest in their security systems to keep their customer data secure.

They have reasonable prices

Scams want to quickly get all the money they can get from you and disappear as fast. To help them lure you into giving in, they offer to charge you the lowest prices per page. Some might charge you prices as low as $10 per page. Once you click on the pay button, that becomes the end of hearing from them.

Genuine writing services charge reasonably. They know they need to pay their writers well to be able to sustain them and still make a profit to be able to continue being in business. As a result, they will not charge too cheap for their papers nor will they also charge too high.