Who has the best home Internet service?

If you’re living in a rural district, only a limited set of connectivity options are available to you. This isn’t the best situation to be in but where there is a scarcity of resources, people have to make the most out of what they actually do have. Internet is a basic necessity these days as we are becoming more and more dependent on its power to rule lives everywhere in the world.

From work to family, you require a steady Internet connection, not only to get some basic work done but also for entertainment and communication. The problem with remote areas is that they don’t really have any infrastructure that can support some major telecom networks. There’s also not enough money in remote areas so ISPs don’t invest in developing and supporting any sort of foundation like phone lines and other relevant wired network essentials or any cell-towers to catch and enhance signals.

HughesNet internet is just a perfect satellite option, if you’re a home internet user living in a remote area or at a place where other networks do not provide connectivity. Due to its wide reach all over the U.S, it has more than 1 million customers across the nation. They are well-known for their crystal clear simple plans, which do not offer any confusion to the customers. Satellite internet is more expensive than other networks because of their equipment. Moreover, since they are the only data carriers that work at a remote location, these prices are sort of alright.

Their best features include:

  1. The listed price will remain the same throughout the term of your contract. There will no hikes at any point in time.
  2. They offer transparent plans with consistent download and upload speeds.
  3. If you exceed your set data limit, the service will not suffer. Due to the soft cap, the connection keeps on going at reduced speeds until the end of the month.
  4. Want more data during the one-month term then add it to your listed package at a set cost.
  5. Great coverage regardless of your location.
  6. Everyone on a HughesNet plan gets the Bonus Zone that guarantees 50 GBs of extra data between 2 am and 8 am.

Let’s elaborate on some of these features to really understand why HughesNet is the optimum for home internet users. However, here’s a little detail about HughesNet plans.

They offer four simple packages. They start at $59.99 for 10 GBs of data per month. Then the second plan costs $69.99 for 20 GB a month, the third costs $99.99 for 30 GB a month and the last one offers the most internet that is, 50 GB of data at $149.99 per month. There download speed is the same for all these plans, i.e., 25 Mbps.

HughesNet has upgraded its services by introducing the new Gen5 technology. This has dealt with previous kinks and now, steady download speeds are available for all their customers. There is no longer any compromise on the bandwidth with their Bonus zone and home customers can manage their usage in a better way.

Unlimited data

HughesNet promises an unhinged internet service that comes without any data caps. That is almost true because they have a soft cap policy which means that will be no termination of service in case the data limit is exceeded. Customers will only have to suffer reduced download speeds that are between 1 to 3 Mbps per month. They are also called their data guidelines.

Global coverage

Since they are a wireless company, they offer broadband services across the U.S. Therefore, whether you are located in the rural areas or in a densely populated urban city, you can get the same reliable HughesNet services everywhere.

No power or service outage

Being on wireless technology has many perks. Because your connection is coming from one dish outside the house that is connected to a modem or router inside, you get signals everywhere in the house. Moreover, having no strings attached also means that there are no cables or wires of any kind that means there is no obstruction due to bad weather or any other extreme conditions. There are no worries about waiting for line repairs.

Connecting multiple devices

We all have our own variable needs from our broadband connection. Some want to enjoy the endless entertainment possibilities while others need it for their work. Due to COVID-19, these requirements have simply increased and now more users have shifted to the internet due to lockdown situations happening across the globe. Internet nowadays not only means connectivity but it’s also necessary for survival. From online classes and lectures to work from home, everyone needs an internet connection that offers dependability.

HughesNet allows multiple devices to connect at the same time. Therefore, people can enjoy entertainment and work all the same time, from a single connection. No need to manage devices or usage because everybody gets to stay online as long as they want. You might want to invest in one of their expensive plans though if you have a large family.

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