Why order birthday cakes?

Birthday cake is a delicious and touching tradition. Looking at the candles in the cake, dancing in the dark, they sum up the past year and make a wish for the future. Historians have several versions about where the tradition to bake or order birthday cakes came from.

Version 1: Greece

In ancient Greece, it was believed that the goddess of the moon Artemis loved sweets. They baked round cakes and pies as a symbol of the Moon itself. Burning candles were an indispensable attribute, since their brilliance resembled the flickering of the moon itself. We see this flickering even today – take a closer look at the distant moon on a dark night, through the clouds passing by it seems to wink at us.

Version 2: England and France

In medieval England and France, there was a tradition of baking round fortune cakes. Small items were placed in the filling of such a cake – coins, buttons, rings, bells. On his birthday, the man cut the pie and handed each a piece. The guests looked for objects and made predictions. For example, if someone came across a ring, then in the near future a wedding awaited him, and if a coin, then he would improve his well-being.

Version 3: Germany

Cakes were also prepared in medieval Germany, only they were timed to coincide with the birth of Jesus Christ. The round cake looked like baby diapers rolled up in a circle. This recipe contained a lot of cream and biscuit. Candles were also blown out in Germany, it was believed that with the smoke of a candle, desire would reach the Almighty, that it would be easier for him to hear what you want. According to another version, candles were placed in the birthday cake as a symbol of life. They wanted to convey eternity and the power of fire in this way to a person who is celebrating his birthday. Every year there are more candles, which means that someone upstairs probably hears your wish!

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