Why you should Use a VPN Software for Torrenting Online

One thing is for sure; torrenting can be a risky affair, but using a VPN can help you remain anonymous while you download torrents.

Technology is doing wonders each passing day, and everybody is looking forward to what it might bring to the table tomorrow. However, in some scenarios, it makes some folks miss the past.

Imagine that there was a time when you could get your favorite movies and songs – for free!

It’s something that you could always welcome back with open arms any time of the day, right?

Unfortunately, the current situation is completely the opposite; all artistic creations are protected and nothing is for free. Fortunately, folks still want to download their files for free. But how are they doing it?

It’s all about torrenting; a form of peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing. Unfortunately, torrenting can easily land you in trouble unless you protect yourself.

So, how are you supposed to protect yourself?

It’s quite easy- you only need to have the best Virtual Private Network (VPN). But first things first, what’s a torrent?

What’s a Torrent?

There’s no better way to download files online than torrenting. Individuals who share files on the internet are known as “seeders” and it means that you can get a link (torrent) to those files and then get the files off the internet (you become the “leech”).

Therefore, it means that when you start downloading a torrent, you directly join a network of several other computers that are either downloading the same file or have the file stored on them.

As much as it gets rid of the central server with the danger of it crashing or even becoming overloaded- it brings another bigger concern. The issue now is that you’re connected with everyone using that torrent; the risks could be devastating. But there are safer options as well like https://thepirateproxybay.com/

The Good News!

Until you use a VPN, you’re never safe torrenting. The idea is that a VPN helps to keep you private on the internet. Ideally, it prevents your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from seeing whatever you’re doing. Moreover, it keeps “big brother” away from monitoring whatever you might be downloading.

So, does that mean that torrenting without a VPN can land you in hot soup? Or is torrenting legal in the first place?

Can Torrenting Land me in Court?

Is torrenting legal or illegal? This is one of the debates that are still in motion with endless courtroom battles across the globe regardless of the torrent site you use.

Simply put, using a torrent in itself is not illegal. However, the problem arises with the fact that some stuff is illegal to share on the internet while others are not.

For instance, most uploaded files are copyrighted; meaning trying to download the files for free is illegal. Surveillance agencies are on the watch-out looking for any leads that will get them right into you.

Risks of Torrenting

The risks that are involved in torrenting without a VPN can be devastating. First is the copyright Trolls; “trolls” are those companies that represent artists and will sue you for downloading material for free. When you use a BitTorrent, the first thing that’s exposed is your IP address (which your ISP monitors and tracks) and it can be traced back to you.

Trolls send your IP address as well as a settlement letter to your ISP, which in turn sends it to you.

Also, there could be throttling of your internet connection. The idea is that your ISP offers a certain bandwidth for browsing, and downloading huge files with high speed (torrenting) takes more bandwidth. Therefore, once your ISP realizes it, they can easily slow you down.

Another major pitfall is phishing on torrenting sites; some sites have been known to enable illegal downloads (piracy) and have occasionally been shut down.

Along with actions taken on such sites, the users are put at risk as well. For instance, such sites have pop-up ads, bad torrents from uploaders that are not known, and could surface the user into viruses and malware.

The bottom line is that your ISP is almost anywhere, and that’s why you should use a VPN for torrenting.

Qualities of a Good VPN for Torrenting

Not every VPN can be ideal to use while torrenting. However, a good VPN should have the following characteristics;

  • It should be one that does not keep logs of your internet activity
  • Should be faster that it doesn’t slow you down
  • Should not be in a country that can demand records
  • Should have a kill switch to shut off your connection in case your VPN fails

All those qualities could be found in a VPN like ExpressVPN, which is arguably one of the best VPN options.

What does a VPN do?

There’s no denying that if you want to avoid a lawsuit for torrenting, then you must install the best VPN for torrenting. But what does it have that makes it special?

Perhaps, your IP address is your betrayer, and when connected when downloading torrents, a VPN ideally hides your P2P activity, making it undetectable.

Furthermore, it provides you with an unrelated privacy level and extra protection against malware and hacking.

Basically, it does it by altering your IP address to make it untraceable to your computer. Moreover, it encrypts or scrambles all your data beyond recognition. In fact, the best VPN hides your activity even from your ISP. Here, your provider could be seeing your VPN, but beyond that, they’re unable to see what you’re doing.

Also, a VPN masks other folks that are downloading or uploading similar files as yours. In a P2P protocol, such as the one with BitTorrent, individuals involved in uploading or downloading similar files are connected in the “swarm”. All devices in “swarm” can see the other addresses, and without a VPN, your IP address can be used to trace back to you.

Nevertheless, a VPN has a plethora of benefits that it can bring to the table other than just using it on torrenting.  The shanpc offers excellent privacy with some added level of security against malware and hackers.

Bottom Line

Using a Torrent with a VPN has now become a must. Torrenting without a VPN is merely like letting yourself fall into a trap with your eyes wide open. Using a VPN for torrents helps to hide your IP address from your ISP and they can never see your activities on the internet. Therefore, VPNs are here for your rescue to let you torrent without risking your data and privacy. All you need is a suitable VPN and then enjoy the best torrenting aspects safely.

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