Your Guide to Raising Brand Awareness

You must have met someone who refers to themselves as Apple fans or supporters of a particular football club. And even if you have no ties to these brands, you are still aware of them, right?

Brand awareness travels far and increases the number of people who become familiar with a company’s name. And when someone has to purchase a good or service or recommend it to someone who might be asking for their input, the odds are that this recommendation will be about a well-known brand.

Of course, some industries are quite competitive, and finding one’s place can be difficult. More often than not, already established companies have had a head start, and catching them is a significant challenge.

Nevertheless, if a business is looking to turn into a sustainable venture, raising brand awareness should be one of the priorities.

If you run into this problem, switch to working with micro-influencers who may not have as many followers, but they still have a great overall engagement rate. You can also hire an influencer agency to manage everything, from finding the right influencers for your niche to handling the payment. Head over to this link if you’d like to know more about such services:

Superb Customer Service

If you want to get people to talk about your brand, you need to offer excellent customer service. 24/7 support that is available on the phone, emails, social media, and the website; multiple payment methods instead of accepting only credit cards; employees who receive constant training; these are a few examples.

Some companies also offer advanced customization. The freedom for a custom to pick and choose is a great asset. If an online store is selling all over print custom shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, face masks, or other merchandise, they should not limit customization options.

Adopting a dropshipping business model could also work in your favor to improve the overall customer service. Around 27% of global online retailers have adopted dropshipping by February, 2018. The percentage has increased since then, and judging by the most recent trends, it will likely continue to grow.

By working with a big and reliable supplier, you can rest assured about potential issues because they likely have a professional customer support team that takes care of various problems.

Impressive Guest Content

Quality guest content also plays a prominent role in raising brand awareness. Publishing your articles on an authority blog will redirect readers to your site directly. In addition, it should also boost SEO ratings and help you climb higher on Google and other search engines.

Offering high-quality content to other brands will also incentivize them to collaborate with you closer. Another brand, even if it is relatively small, can be a great ally in establishing yourself as one of the powerhouses of your respective niche. 

Collaborations With Influencers

Similar to collaborating with other brands, you could also benefit by working with influencers. Social media is usually the go-to place to find someone who has the right audience and can give you a shoutout in exchange for payment.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that A-tier celebrities may not be that keen to collaborate with you unless they receive a hefty reward. If you run into this problem, switch to working with micro-influencers who may not have as many followers, but they still have a great overall engagement rate.

Advertising your brand to followers of influencers is bound to raise brand awareness and attract customers directly.

Lastly, once you find a few influencers that are easy to work with, maintain great relationships with them because it is more than likely that you will need multiple promotional posts for them. 

Social Media Campaigns

Besides collaborating with influencers, you can leverage social media to your advantage by running ad campaigns and organizing giveaways. The latter is effective in particular and has been one of the methods to attract more followers since the early social media days.

Participating in a contest that gives something for free sounds fun even if you do not necessarily need the prize. And if it takes a few seconds to like and share a post to participate, why would you not consider doing that?

By sharing your post, social media users let their friends know about the ongoing contest. These friends also join and share the post on their wall, creating a snowball effect.

As you can expect, the more people social media giveaway content reaches, the more they will know about your brand and will be curious to check it for themselves.

Appearances on Podcasts

Podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment and education. There are bound to be some podcasts in your niche. Appearing as a guest or having someone represent the brand on a podcast is a good way to raise brand awareness.

Even if an audience is relatively small, you or another person talking about the brand will still have an opportunity to reach new people and let them know about the existence of your business.

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