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Would you like to have the windows of your business premises cleaned by certified window cleaners? Window cleaning contributes to the professional appearance of your office or business premises. Regular window cleaning is essential for it maintenance of your window frames and facade cladding. It prevents drastic treatments such as de-etching and renovation.

Clean windows and frames are the “calling card” of your building. Are you looking for a specialist in the field of window cleaning? Please contact cleaning company Fensterputzer.

Why window cleaning?

Windows should be kept clean for as long as possible. When regular maintenance is done on your windows, this removes visible and invisible dirt. Regular window cleaning also extends the life of your glass, window frames and facade cladding. Clean windows are representative and also allow more light to pass through. As a result, employees and customers feel more comfortable in an environment where the windows are clean.

The benefits of window cleaning

  • More productive employees
  • Representative appearance of your building
  • Sustainable maintenance of glasses and frames

Why choose Cleaning Company Fensterputzer?

Cleaning company Fensterputzer continuously invests in high-quality equipment and cleaning techniques. This is to be able to work safely at height with optimal results. Assignments are professionally carried out by certified window cleaners who have the necessary diplomas and practical experience. Together with the customer we discuss the work to be performed and the frequency of window cleaning.

They are distinctive in Window Cleaning. Although you may be the first to think about washing a window, the underlying idea is slightly different. They wants to be ‘crystal clear’ in its quotation, but also in the performance of its work. With the acquisition of cleaning, they have strengthened itself with a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of window cleaning and facade cleaning. Although they serve two different branches, it is an ideal composition. For example, consider the problem of ‘weathered windows’. Because they have a lot of experience and knowledge of facade technology, we can tell you exactly what can be done about the problem of ‘weathered windows’, but also what the cause is and how it can be eliminated. It has a very strong ‘no nonsense’ character. The reason for this is that there are first-class professionals at work, where quality and good service are paramount with short communication lines.


Safety and health at work is very important in our rapidly evolving society. Today, the concern for increased safety and health at the workplace is not only the concern of employees and employers, but also of the client! The law is clear and imposes very strict regulations. For this reason, safety during the execution is an absolute priority and it is our intention to guarantee professionalism and safety at all times. With this business philosophy we wash windows, frames, façade panels, etc. in industrial buildings, offices and companies, care institutions, banks, SMEs, shops and chain stores. For large projects, a study is created and included in the file. Safety is again central here.

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