Effective Ways to Make Your Exterior Wall Paints Last Longer

When you invite people over to your house, you would want them to be impressed even before entering the house. First impressions are always special, so you have to make extra efforts to create one. Fortunately, it can be easily done by getting your house exteriors painted correctly. Sometimes, choosing the right paint shade and products is not enough to ensure a long-lasting result.

If you want your house exteriors to look as good as new for years to come, you have to follow some easy steps or get them done by professionals during the painting process. Once you’ve finalized the Indian house color combination outside, ensure the following steps are followed to enhance the durability of exterior wall paints.

Prepare the Wall Surface & Paint Properly

Your paint will only act as good as the wall surface it is being applied on. Hence, to ensure the wall paint lasts longer, prepare the wall surface. Ensure the wall is clean, dry, and leveled before applying any paint. Following this step will ensure you don’t face the problem of bubbling or chipping emerging on exterior walls within a short duration. It will also ensure the wall paint lasts longer than usual. Since the outer walls face intense weather conditions, cleaning them can take time. A power washer should be used to clean the walls for best results.

After thoroughly cleaning and drying the walls, look for tiny cracks or holes within the exterior wall. Then follow this step by sanding the surface. Sanding helps prepare the surface for wall paint. The last step requires leveling the surface, so the paint sticks to the wall without hassle. If these steps are followed, you can expect the exterior wall paints to last longer.

Always Keep the Wall Surface Dry

As a standard rule for wall painting, water should always be a big no. Whether you have water accumulated in windows or wooden trims, it is always responsible for damaging the wall paint. Even in tiny quantities, regular water deposits can cause massive damage to wall paints. If this is not looked after at the right time, you can notice paint curing, wall paint peeling, molding, bubbling, and overall erosion taking place on exterior walls.

The only way to prevent damage from such instances is by sealing any existing exterior cracks and preventing water accumulation on places like windows and trims. You should also ensure gutters are installed in the right places and wooden surfaces are treated from time to time. These collective efforts will ensure your exterior wall paints last longer.

Enhance the Paint Strength

If you’re using paint products from premium brands like Asian paints, you may not need to follow this step. You can simply use the online Asian paints calculator to get an estimate of the painting project and get started. But if you’re planning to proceed with other brands, you may need to ensure the paint has the strength to always stand the test of time. Painters who feel standard oil-based paints are not enough to guarantee the desired results can consider adding hard coat latex to it.

It will provide a tougher and more durable finish on exterior walls. Dirt repel products can also be mixed with the selected paint to ensure the paint repels any dust and dirt from sticking to the exterior walls. However, if you don’t want to take this route, invest in Asian paints as its products are of premium quality and don’t require any other product to boost your wall paint durability.

Get the Most from Your Exterior Painting

Every homeowner would want the exterior wall paints to last longer to get the maximum return from their painting investment. If you too want to get the highest return, make sure to follow all the steps discussed above for long-lasting results.

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