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If you are a woman, you may face unequal treatment daily. It may be about employment opportunities, educational access, wage differences, or taking part in heirship. We have been living in a patriarchal society that favours inequality more than justice. Whether gender inequality, political inequality or membership inequality, all are oppressed by inequitable compositions. 

A case study published in Nikkei Asia on 9 November 2023 highlights the gender equality concern,

“In some countries, women can’t have their bank accounts, they can’t own land. That has to be looked at, and those discriminatory clauses have to be rewritten”. Wignaraja said.

The report highlights that almost 800 million women in the Asia Pacific are not in the labour force. The UNDP estimates equal opportunities for women can add $4.5 trillion to the region’s annual gross domestic product” by 2025.

Another report in Restoring America on 30 October 2023 tells that Jews in New York are asked to avoid certain areas because of the fear of target killing. In American Institutes, some students are hiding because their classmates are angry over Palestine martyrs.   

A sane mind valuing humanity over anything else must feel pain for oppressors. The existing social injustice needs to be replaced by a system that offers peace over hatred. We can use various means, such as technology or writing a social justice dissertation, to raise public awareness. 

Although it seems a minimal effort to rectify the diverse existing harm, it works. We can prepare future university generations for a better tomorrow in this digital era. Writing on social justice dissertation topics can be done easily with the assistance of a supervisor. But if someone wants to do it up to the mark, taking dissertation writing services UK will be helpful. 

What Is Social Justice?

Social justice is the equitable treatment of all individuals by authorities. In theoretical terms, it is mostly referred to as justice itself. 

According to Britannica, 

“Social justice, in contemporary politics, social science, and political philosophy, the fair treatment and equitable status of all individuals and role of social groups within a state or society.”

Statista highlights that in 2023, the civil justice index score for impartial and effective accessible dispute resolution (ADRs) in the Philippines was 0.62 out of one. In addition, the accessibility and affordability of the civil justice factor scored 0.52 out of one. Overall, the country placed 12th out of 15 countries in the Asia Pacific region regarding civil justice.

Technology And Social Justice

Today, technological advancements have provided a new way to connect to people. It has shortened the distances or reduced the discomfort of travelling to meet people. So the communication mean has also changed drastically. 

According to the American University Washington DC, respondents to Reuters Institute’s 2015 access to news,

  • 11% paid to get access to online news
  • 26% accessed it through their smartphones. 
  • 32% shared news through social media and emails. 

This highlights how we can use technology to prevail in social justice. 

Spread Information Through social media

  • Share your real-life stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to raise public awareness about these social justice issues. 
  • Keep public updates about new highlights and improvements in this domain.
  • Can access various organisations to take legal actions against cruelty. 

Built An Engaging Community

Organisations working for society remain in search of volunteers. The use of technology has made the tasks easier. Considering their interests, you can find them through online messaging or social media posts. 

Fund Raising 

You don’t need to print expensive pamphlets or gather crowds that can ask for help. The e tire find-raising effort can do online. Various sites can come together to highlight the cause, ensure people the severity of the matter and ask for funding. 

Now, we grabbed the concept of how technology can bring positive social change. Let’s explore the world to incorporate technology use in dissertations on social justice. Understand this basic social justice dissertation structure to organise your ideas accordingly. 

How To Write A Social Justice Dissertation With An Emphasis On Technology Use?

Writing a social justice dissertation is not a difficult task. There are some basic steps or key components for making the final paper. What is challenging here is to incorporate technology use for social well-being. 

You must follow the following points while writing a dissertation on social justice if it intends to highlight technology as a means. However, if you need a perfect dissertation on social justice, we suggest you contact a trusted dissertation writing service. They know how to write your project according to the given topic. 

Bridge Gap for Marginalized Communities

In your social justice dissertation writing, highlight how technology can listen to unheard voices. For example, people in rural areas can access healthcare through Telemedia technology. They can access medical care remotely, which lessens the need to travel long for medical assistance. 

Technology advancements have brought major societal changes. The National Library of Medicine highlights that Telemedia services, such as video conferencing or other virtual technologies, reduce medical visits. It is helpful to do the check and balance task easily. For example, monitoring discharged patients and managing their recovery is easy. 

Transparent System by Use Of Blockchain

A dissertation on social justice can highlight that the use of AI and blockchain can greatly impact social justice. Using blockchain will create an accountable system to provide a secure and decentralised record of transactions. As a result, it will reduce bias in hiring, lending and other areas prone to discrimination. 

According to Springer Link, this system can change the essence of the world and provide better strategies to change the world’s concerns. This decentralised system does not rely on centralised authority. It can better rethink how business or social functions work. 

Improved Engagement Between Public and Legal Professionals

Dissertation for social justice students can also highlight that using technology will allow people to choose and engage with lawyers online. It will reduce the delay in finding professionals and having legal considerations. So, people will be granted the certainty and reassurance they need. 

Wrapping Up

The spread of societal inequalities has fueled the injustice that demands an ultimate extinguishment. No one is protected from its heat, whether women, men, children, rich, poor, etc. So, a fair system is needed that can equally benefit all individuals of the society in the justified domain. 

People from all sectors, such as students, employers, labourers, social workers, authorities, etc, can play their part. Brick by brick, we can build a whole story.  

By writing a social justice dissertation, university students can promote their findings to the rest of the world. However, the use of technology can also be a pioneer in this domain. 

The above guide is enough to explain how technology can be a means to promote social justice. You can write an effective dissertation easily. But if you are not an expert in organising your ideas on paper, you should get assistance from dissertation writing services. Several services, like The Academic Papers UK, have social justice dissertation writers with years of quality experience. With their expert assistance, you will have peace of mind in your write-ups.