Hytera TETRA System: Upgrading of the Hybrid Network Communication

Introduction of the Hybrid Network Communication 

Communications basically mean far more than radio signal involves a wide variety of methods and resources, including email, texting, conferencing, and more. Voice communications combine with other modes of communication to create a converging ecosystem that helps people to express what they want, where they want, and what type of system they want. For example, the TETRA system of Hytera communciations.

A hybrid network could be defined as a computer network that houses two or more separate communications standards. In this instance, a hybrid communication system utilizes both the Ethernet and Wi-Fi standards. A network infrastructure depends on special hybrid routers, hubs, and switches for linking wired and wireless computers and other network-enabled devices.

Importance of using Hybrid Network Device

The importance of using a hybrid network device in communication cannot be overemphasized. Below are the advantages of electronic communication network.

  • Flexible: Hybrid Network can be designed according to its requirements and by optimizing the available resources. It is important to give special care to nodes where there are noticeable high traffic and high fault rate.
  • Effective: The hybrid network is the combination of multiple topologies that alpha pharma are designed, so that constituent topologies’ strengths are at optimal while their weaknesses are neutralized.
  • Reliable: Unlike other networks, this form of topology makes it easy to detect and troubleshoot faults. The section in which the fault is found may be separate from the rest of the system, and corrective action may be undertaken without affecting the rest of the network’s activity.
  • Scalable: It is easy to increase the network’s size by making some modifications without disturbing the existing architecture.

Key Features of Hybrid Network Communication Device

Voice communications combine with other modes of communication to create a converging ecosystem that helps people express what they want, where they want and what type of system they want.

  • Ease of use: The hybrid device is durable and easy to use for long and consistent voice communication.
  • Excellent voice: There is clear voice communication with a hybrid network communication device. It is designed to remove noise interference and give voice communication clarity.
  • Long battery life: Hybrid network communication devices have a powerful battery that can last for days, which means longer talking hours.
  • Ruggedness: The hybrid communication device is robust and rugged, making it able to withstand harsh conditions.

Reasons to Choose a Hybrid Device in the First Place

Leverage current infrastructure

The hybrid framework uses your existing on-site communication system, with new features provided through the cloud. This means maintaining leverage while discovering the benefits of the cloud.

Enable productivity anywhere

A hybrid approach allows the users access to the same features, whether their branch location is covered by a cloud service or has on-site infrastructure. Provisioning of new or additional services is done via the cloud and is as easy as permitting users.

A clear migration path

A hybrid framework as the capacity to speed up all-cloud solution, particularly for companies whose employee is highly interactive. Moreover, as your communications gradually move to the cloud—and the system’s maintenance to a hosted environment—your IT unit can shift its main focus to activities that better enhance your company’s objective. 

If you seek ways to improve your communications system’s efficiency with a low budget, consider a hybrid communication environment as it enables your staffs the technical devices they need to become efficient while still maintaining your existing communications investment.


Hytera has developed the TETRA system enabling the use of a hybrid network communication system conveniently. 

Hytera offers DMR, PDT, and TETRA system specifications for consumers with handheld radios, mobile radios, and repeaters, the interconnection of IP repeater stations, simulcast and trunking networks, and overall connectivity solutions. Innovative ergonomic architecture, leading digital network, complete product lines make Hytera TETRA system the right option for you to boost management effectiveness and introduce smooth mission-critical solutions.

Hytera’s TETRA system solution in the trunking system is unique by producing high-quality communication devices. TETRA system offers half-duplex push-to-talk calling trunking devices like Hytera Digital Radio & Trunking System, bringing a versatile DMR and TETRA system’s range.