Modern home decoration ideas for the beginners

If you just finished college and got the first job, then it must be a very memorable moment for you. After getting the job and graduation certification, you need to make sure of a place to stay. As you won’t be living at the student dorm and sharing beds anymore, it is time for you to develop your home decor skills. First home means a lot. Here in this article, we will be discussing the initial things you need to know before starting with the home decor.

Home decor tips and ideas


Home decor is not any stagnant topic. In the early eighties or nineties, the home decor ideas were very grand and solemn. People loved using silk and laces all over the place to decorate their homes. Victorian and Venetian styles were very famous among the elite class people as a home decor theme. Back in that time, color themes were very explicit and subtle. Most families loved to use China white or paperwhite color as the primary wall color. Well, it had nothing to do with simplicity or minimal styles. White was the color of royalty and purity. So, everyone loved to use white shades everywhere. Gradually the colorful themes came into trend. In the early twenties, home decoration styles took a one-eighty degree turn. Bright walls, contrast colored curtains, loud and crazy show pieces took place very quickly.

Light fixture

The light fixture on walls is an essential step in home decoration. You need a visible and large light source in the central room, kitchen, and study room. Most of the people use the bedroom as the home study room. Here you can use the dual-tone lighting system. It means you can have the usual energy-saving and LED lights for work time usage. Then, there are fancy and subtle lighting options. You can use these lights to create a romantic and quiet environment while sleeping. Good lighting is essential to create the perfect ambient and help you to maintain good health.


Paintings are the most classic element of home decor. For ages, people are using images as a home decor item. You can get a picture of a million dollars. The Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most used painting in public places and home decor items. But, you don’t essentially have to spend a million to buy modern art. If you are good with colors and paints, then you can color the wall by yourself. Sticking your paintings will give a more personal touch to your home. If you are not confident enough or can not manage the time, you may rely on professional painters. A painting can change the look of your home.


We all strive to go back to nature. The community homes or duplexes from the sixties are a sign of royalty. But, we cannot manage that in the cities where we are trying to use every inch to accommodate people. So, here you need to be a little creative to bring nature inside your home. You can plant little indoor plants to give a natural touch to your home. Succulents are a great choice as a home decor plant. These plants will not only add to the beauty, but they have several health benefits too. For example, succulents come from the same family as aloe Vera. So, it has a soothing effect. Unlike most indoor plants, the succulents do not attack the insects. Succulents distract the insects away. So, adding plants to your home decor plan is a good idea.

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