Remembering one of the worst defeats ever for Manchester United

More than 10 years have passed since one of the most memorable matches in Premier League history. It is clear that many people decided to make all online bets on 1xBet when this contest took place. This was a match that faced Manchester City and Manchester United. The citizens were just taken over by their new owners and were already becoming a powerhouse.

On paper, this match looked quite even. In fact, it was expected that Manchester United could have a tight win against its city rivals. However, to the shock of everybody, Manchester City defeated United 6-1 at no other venue than Old Trafford.

This contest basically marked a turning point in the history of both squads. It was the beginning of the end for Sir Alex Ferguson as United’s coach. On the other hand, it was the match that convinced the world that City was ready to do some serious stuff. Now, people can make all 1xBet online bets on the platform from anywhere around the world, for both of these spectacular teams.

Antonio Rudiger is no closer to signing a new deal

Antonio Rudiger’s contract situation at Chelsea is anything but certain. Of course, making live matches today to bet on 1xBet for his side is something quite rewarding to do. Recently, it was revealed that the German defender makes approximately 150 thousand dollars per week. However, he wants his salary to be elevated in order to match the top earners at the blues. The players who get the top salaries there are:

  • Timo Werner;
  • Romelu Lukaku;
  • and also Kai Havertz.

However, despite how important he is for the team, Chelsea seems not too convinced about this huge pay rise. It should be remembered that Rudiger’s contract will run out when the season ends. This means that he could leave for totally free. To bet on 1xBet live matches today is a great thing to do on Chelsea.

Kalvin Phillips and Leeds are having uneasy negotiations

Kalvin Phillips is having a fantastic campaign with Leeds United. In fact, he has played quite a few matches for the English national team due to his interesting performances. It is always possible to wager on him by going to He still has a contract with Leeds. The team has been doing a huge effort in convincing the player to sign a new contract.

However, he hasn’t done so yet, and it should be remembered that his deal with Leeds will end in the middle of next year. This has put many squads on high alert. Especially considering that this would result in him leaving the team for absolutely free if nothing is done regarding his contract situation. Of course, his performances have meant that betting for Leeds on 1xBet is an excellent prospect to consider.

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