The best transfer agency in Cancun in 2022


The best transfer agency in Cancun in 2022

Ranked as the best agency in the city, Transfer Cancun has been in the market for more than a decade and was recently awarded for obtaining a record of more than 50 thousand services completed, becoming the first and only agency with this kind of mark.

First of all, it is important to mention how important transfer services are nowadays. Mainly due to the second wave originated by the pandemic, that is why through a press release they announced that the Mexican Caribbean and Cancun were the first tourist destinations to obtain the travel safety seal.

With the purpose of promoting the safe reactivation of the tourism sector and restoring the confidence of tourists with hygiene and safety standards, the World Tourism Organization – UNWTO – declared its full support to the measures and protocols published by the World Travel and Tourism Council – WTTC.

Therefore, tourism agencies joined these prevention regulations and Transfer Cancun was one of the first to adopt and incorporate the new safety standards in its large fleet of vehicles, following and implementing the new modalities of the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, such as the periodic sanitation of vehicles, the use of masks and face masks, along with the delivery of alcohol gel to tourists, among other measures.

As we mentioned, its fleet of first class units, offer a world class service for up to 16 passengers, allowing you to choose between a Chevy Express van, an SUV as representative, imposing and comfortable as the Suburban or a glamorous limousine, providing a safe service and unparalleled comfort, allowing you to enjoy the most of the transfer from the airport to Playa del Carmen or the place you want, since the agency dominates Tulum, Cancun and the entire Riviera Maya.

As it is well known, the Mexican Caribbean is an incredible destination that offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with oneself, by immersing yourself in nature and mysticism so characteristic of the amazing and interesting ruins of Tulum, the impressive cenotes found throughout the Riviera Maya, or the diverse and entertaining activities offered by the beaches of Cancun.

That’s why, with so many places to visit, activities and traditional attractions to do, Transfer Cancun’s private transfer service is a perfect option to get a more personal and deeper sense of the place.

For some time now, the company has managed to stand out and attract the attention of multiple media, pointing out the high level of its units, both in comfort and sanitation measures, the excellent attention of their guides, along with the comfort and wellbeing offered during the tour.

Also, in addition to the excellent reviews provided by them, another reason why tourists trust their stay with the agency, is the practicality of being able to book and the personalized welcome providing timely information about the area, tours, activities, excursions and attractive shows in the Riviera Maya, Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, among others.

As well as offering the most economical and affordable quotes in the industry, which are available for the full range of options that you can choose from Cancun to Tulum or the surrounding areas of the Riviera Maya, moving safely, reliably and with the greatest comfort that can offer their state-of-the-art vehicles, ensuring that you can enjoy the natural environment outside, along with the comfort of the latest technology inside until you reach the door of your hotel.

It is important to remember that the agency is a private transfer service, so you will not have to depend on third parties, nor will you have to make unnecessary stops while you are traveling, either to the accommodation or the site you have chosen.

As mentioned at the beginning, the company has been on the transportation to Playa del Carmen and the entire Riviera for more than ten years. As such, it was one of the first companies to implement online booking functions, from arranging in-country tours, hotels, excursions, and private transportation to tour groups and wedding planning.

Allowing you to relax and simply enjoy your vacation, thanks to the travel and tourism agency currently ranked as the best in Cancun.

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