Things to Know Before Playing Live Casino Games in Singapore

What are live casino games? They feature real dealers and players that you can interact with. They enable you to enjoy your favorite games from the comfort of your home by an online resource.


Unlike other games, a live casino gamer watches a live video feed. In the feed, a human presenter act as a croupier or dealer for spinning the reels and drawing cards. When you enter the world of casino gaming it’s essential to know the difference between online and live casinos. Take a look at their differences.

  • Dealer – The live casino online Singapore has a live dealer who interacts with you while playing. On the same token, an online casino has RNG (random number generator) that replaces the dealer.
  • Communication – Live casino provides an opportunity to chat with the dealers and vice-versa.

Things to be considered before playing live casino games in Singapore

Live casino games are popular in Singapore because they offer a thrilling gambling environment. It is recommended not to jump into live casino games before trying them. Here is a list of factors to be noted before playing live casino game.

  • Internet – Live casino games require a stable internet connection. Beginner’s and experienced casino player’s pay a lot if they skip this factor. Sometimes, a good internet connection might also slow down. So, check your internet connectivity before playing live casino games in Singapore.
  • Dealers – Rather than interacting with the attractive live dealers, it’s essential to accept that they are there only to deal you the cards.
  • Terms and conditions – Read the terms and conditions of that specific game because every live casino game has its different terms and conditions. If ignored then it will cost you a lot.
  • Table requirement – The rules of high and low stake tables are different. Before selecting one, read the various conditions. Some high-stake table games allow you to play for a certain period and vice versa.
  • Time – Due to the beautiful live-dealers some people forget when to quit. Nevertheless, they lose more than they intended. When playing live casino games in Singapore keep an eye on your bankroll and time spent.
  • Chasing losses – It is a wrong move for both online and live casino gamers.

Best live casino games in Singapore

The best live casino game is the one that creates the experience of a real-life casino. Take a look at the top 2 live casino games.

  • Live Blackjack – The live game has two main versions-
  • Seven-seat blackjack involves 7 people at a virtual table with different versions.
  • Unlimited blackjack involves only 1 hand that can be enjoyed by many players at the same time.
  • Live Roulette – It is the most popular live casino game in Singapore. American roulette is hard to find but European roulette can be easily found at all live casinos.


From blackjack-roulette and many more, the online casino games are at your fingertips. If the above-mentioned factors are considered before playing live casino games in Singapore, you can win real-money.

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