We’ve Compiled The World’s Top 5 Interior Architects for You – Inspiration

Interior architecture has become a profession that we hear more about and popular lately. Decorations or items in your environment affect the energy of the environment. The window that interior architects have looked at in terms of decoration is completely different. Interior architects are professional groups that act by considering even the smallest detail. It is a profession that moves to provide the best option and appearance.

What is Interior Architecture?

Interior architecture is a profession that deals with interior design in general and catches harmony. For this reason, the point of view of interior architects and the point of view of a normal person towards the house differ. In addition, interior architects do not only work in a environment. They can also perform their duties in places such as offices, parks, gardens, building construction. You can click on the link below for Elitech Group products.

In this article, we will include 5 world-famous interior architects who can be a source of inspiration for you.

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Successful and World Famous Interior Architects in Their Professions

One of them is the world-famous interior designer named Philippe Starck. Philippe Starck is a French interior designer. He is a person who stands out with his different designs as well as interior architecture. Philippe Starck often includes his works as interior designs. He designed the interiors of famous places such as Paris Cafe Costes. He has designed the interiors of places such as many cafes and restaurants. His father is an interior designer, an aeronautical engineer. His work was also influenced by his father’s profession. He is an interior designer with many projects available. He is a world-famous and successful person polished concrete.

Another of the best interior architects in the world is a Spanish interior designer named Patricia Urquiola. She completed her education at the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Madrid. She lives in the city of Milan, which has the wonderful architecture of Italy. She graduated in 1989. He is an interior designer known for his W Hotels Retreat & Spa on Vieques Island project, which has made a name for itself in the world. Patricia Urquiola is a famous interior designer who has received many awards.

Another name, one of the most famous interior architects in the world, is Federico Delrosso of Italian origin, who uses natural designs and natural products. He started interior architecture in 1996. He is an interior architect who draws attention with his natural designs. Federico Delrosso is a popular interior designer. He is an interior architect who has made his name known to the world with his success.

Another famous name is Thierry W. Despont. He is a famous interior designer who usually designs hotel projects.

Another name that almost everyone knows is Karim Rashid. Karim Rashid is a world-famous interior designer. Karim Rashid is an American interior designer. He has had his design studio in New York City and Rotterdam since 1993.

World-renowned interior architects are also popular with their interior designs, as well as to object and household furniture designs. Aluminum Tilt and Turn Windows you can browse now.