You can invest in these real estate options to make money in 2021.

We all dream of our home and decorate it, But do we do enough research before buying it? Most of us do not have a clear idea of what we need to check before buying our first home Or the available options in the Market. So, here in this article, first, we will get to know about the available options in big cities like Singapore, the USA, and such. Anyone wanting to purchase or sell a home will find Showcase IDX to be an invaluable tool. You should learn more about Showcase IDX.

It will help you understand your needs for your first home and what to expect when you enter the real estate market.


It is the most popular real estate option these days in Singapore. You would expect it where people are living a very fast-paced lifestyle and want compact services. A condominium is a building complex of a lot of apartments that come with other amenities.


A condominium includes a few apartments in a building, usually near the center point of a city. You can easily access the regular necessities like school, supermarkets, banks, and such. For example, you can take the dairy farm residences . It is in the middle of Singapore and has the three most famous schools and colleges around it. So, it is one of the first choices for students and small families with children.

Other amenities

There are many benefits of owning a condominium apartment. Easy access to public transportation services, convenient shops, and educational institutions are already on the list. But, most of these condominium complexes have separate swimming pools, gyms, parks for everyone, and special arrangements for needful people.

So, these condominium apartment complexes are almost a self-dependent society, and you do not have to worry about emergencies anymore.


Most of these modern apartment complexes like the Clavon Clementi come with housekeeping and service benefits. You can also choose a fully furnished flat or utility options like AC, wifi, or kitchen supplies. So, it is effortless to adapt to the situation and improve your living standards.

Studio apartments

Studio apartments are usually an open spade with or without a living space. The configuration mostly depends on the country you are choosing the apartment. Generally, the studio apartments have one room in the USA with only one separate toilet and washroom.

You have to fit the kitchen space, bedroom, and workstation in the room so that it can be a little congested sometimes. But, in some Eastern countries and Bucharest, the studio apartments have one bedroom with one living space and a separate washroom.


If you have a Royal choice, then it is a perfect option for you. Bungalows are classic options and are famous for not having any stairs inside the home. It means all the rooms are on one floor, and so the property is massive. These days people usually do not build Bungalows for rental or professional purposes.

But, you can always find a classic option if you choose the right property dealer or real estate agent.

Buy or lease?

It solely depends on your purpose and investment amount. If you want to start earning money immediately from real estate but have enough to buy a flat or bungalow, you should go for a lease. Here you can take a property on lease for thirty to a hundred years and give it to the rental services.


You have to be careful about home lease clauses. Indeed, you can keep the flat for rent but never sell it to any other third party. Also, you have to fulfill the requisition form and attend the court proceedings to complete the procedure.

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