Advanced Technologies Brought Entertainment Into Indian Homes

Fewer nations have managed to harness the impressive power of advanced technologies as well as India. The overwhelming number of cheap and oftentimes refurbished gadgets and computers and the low mobile data prices are two of the strongest arguments that have contributed to this current state of things. At the moment, the country ranks second in a top comprised of the world countries with the largest number of internet users, right after China.

Many Indians engage in both business-related and leisure-like activities online, with the help of the technology they carry into their pockets or waiting for them at home. All fields, ranging from healthcare, education, business, or the way we interact socially have been affected by a technology of some sort. Without a doubt, all types of entertainment have also gone through serious transformations due to the impact of technology on them, reaching our homes with more ease than ever. Sports betting, gambling, or movie and music concert streaming are just a few of the hottest entertainment branches that have felt the propelling blow of advanced technology and acted accordingly.

Online Gaming And Technology In India

Indian gamers who are passionate about fun, traditional, and highly entertaining games like Andar Bahar, Indian-style rummy, or Indian Flush have the opportunity to get access to any of these titles straight from the comfort of their homes. It’s easy, convenient, and often times just one simple click or tap away.

Players who are more taken by modern-day or exotic casino titles can read a fresh Pure Casino review or visit a different Indian-friendly online casino and make their pick from a vast library of games of poker, fruity slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps, progressives with life-changing jackpots from the hottest providers on the planet, arcade games, scratchcard games, bingo, and many more.

Any of these mesmerising titles can be accessed on desktop computers, ultra-portable laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other types of smart devices owned by most Indian households today. This turns casino entertainment at your fingertip into a reality of our times, minus the regular drawbacks associated with a visit to a land gambling facility:

  •  the travel expenses, whether you need to drive to a casino or book a flight
  •  hotel accommodation, which can get expensive nearby luxury casino resorts
  •  food and drinks, which most gamblers tend to splurge on during weekend getaways at casino resorts
  •  the casino wagering, with the consideration, that one should try their luck and go all in since they have taken the trouble of getting there in the first place

Gambling continues to be considered a rather pricey pastime for people who can call themselves high-rollers. However, the online alternative that advanced technologies have brought to our homes has completely changed the face of gambling in the country. Now, all the glamorous excitement and highly immersive experiences are easier to access than ever, via computers and smart devices. Low and high players alike or people simply looking for something entertaining to do at home can quench their thirst without having to set foot outside their homes or incur any extra expenses.

Mobile Entertainment Technologies For Indians

On average, Indian players spend around 42 minutes a day engaged in mobile games. Since they can also interact with friends on social network platforms and access various services online while doing it, players feel like they are masters of the world. Thus the incredible success of mobile gaming here. A simple glance at the popularity of Indian-oriented providers like NetEnt, Booming, or Microgaming and their incredible combos of gambling on mobile, social interaction, and gaming should help you understand why mobile gambling is so big right now and why it will continue to grow in the upcoming years.

Indians are also big on movie and TV series streaming services they can access on their phones or tablets at some rather low fees. Many of these services have been successfully optimised to cater to the needs of viewers with slow connections to the Internet. Hotstar, Spuul, Voost, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video are all top services that will bring the hottest Bollywood and Hollywood titles straight into your home.

Virtual Reality Technologies

Virtual reality is another hot technology that has already penetrated the Indian entertainment market and Indian-friendly casinos powered by some of the industry giants like Microgaming or NetEnt have already started to embrace it. Why wouldn’t they? The dynamics and fully immersive and realistic interactions are jaw-dropping, and VR games, in general, have a huge gathering worldwide, not just in India.

The fact that the Indian Media and Entertainment industry has turned into an important sector for the nation’s economy is mostly due to the rise in interest expressed by consumers hungry for quality and convenient entertainment from the comfort of their homes. The same market is expected to rise to a CAGR of 17% by the year 2023.

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